How to be an 'eco' triathlete

Spurred-on by the Politics thread; but not Greta :wink:


  • not changing your bottles all the time; make them last.
  • stop using gels, use ‘real food’.
  • buy good quality kit that will last many years.
  • use solid soap to wash/shower.

What else? Lubes & degreasers?

We have weaned ourselves off cling-film at home, I just use a smaller lunchbox that means my sandwiches don’t move about; cover food in the fridge with plates/bowls instead.

I’d say one of the big ones would be to stop travelling to international races and support the smaller, local ones instead!


Yes, that’s a good one; I only occasionally do that (travel to foreign events). Of course my travels are offset by my cycling to work everyday, despite owning a car which is >£500/year VED…all that free money for the Govt :roll_eyes:

Where we can, we always wash, dry and re-use zip lock bags.

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Good one; I try to do that, but it only really works with good quality ones - there’s a theme there! I have a Zip-loc branded one that’s about 10 years old in my pannier; got them from the US base in Germany back in the day.

Yeah I find genuine Zip Loc last heaps longer.

Only buy new kit when you need it.

(:face_with_hand_over_mouth: )

You can get washable beeswax ‘thingies’ that replace clingfilm, we have several as my partner is an ecobiggy. You can pick them up at local farm shops and the like.

Here’s one I’m guilty of. Start patching tubes again, do it properly at home and much better chance of a good repair that can be used again.

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What’s ecologically friendly about that? Or do you mean the wrappers?


Bamboo Bike
Wooden Helmet

Guy walks into a bike shop wanting a patch for a 8k trek…!?

I’m all for the World but he looked a bit of a (unt!

vs. shower gel in single use plastic bottles


Breathe less often so you don’t put out as much CO2

The foreign travel has to be number one, then disposable plastics in its many forms. Maybe turn vegetarian. But keep in mind certain vegetarian staples are not necessarily environmentally sound (almond production consumes huge amounts of water).

Little things like buying fair trade or single origin coffee from reputable places that pays its partners well.


Foreign travel is a big one, but then again we all want holidays and to travel so whilst it’s probably the biggest contributor I understand the reluctance to give up. Ive not raced abroad yet but really want to to see more places and do fly 2-3 returns a year for holidays, and so think paying for offset schemes probably more realistic than stopping.

Easier tri steps include incorporating bike/run training in to commute, and remembering to use bike for short journeys.
Then of course diet, plastics, large turnover of kit and washing of body and kit.
I know i should do a lot more to be sustainable, but spent 2 months in cape town 2018 during the water crisis where water limited to 50L a day and managed to keep lots of those habits. Makes you realise how much we use, and how fragile a lot of cities will become in next 10 years, not something discussed much yet but think will become hugely important.

Was tough restrictions, One 60s shower a day. Obviousky relaxed the one flush a day - if its yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down, but still try reduce.


Forget KQ unless you’re going to swim there.

Rig your turbo up to an inverter

Only train on your commute

Vegan except roadkill

Build your bike from a washing machine Obree style

Reuse 220 mag as toilet paper

Make your own race so you don’t have to drive to it, plus you can win

Geothermal heating for the pain cave

Go slower

Planting trees as a strength set


Going to be honest but I struggle with the whole eco side of things. Not because I think its bollocks or that we dont need to do anything. But I cant see how me changing my habits changes anything in the scheme of things.

I know the idea is that we all change a little bit and that adds up to a big change. But I’m quite self centred and think I’ll change when the other buggers do. If its easy and doesnt impact me greatly I’ll do it, but I’m not going to put myself out. I also frown at the virtue signalling done by a lot of companies. Prime example is McDonalds changing the straws to paper, which dont fucking work. Yet their drinks still have a plastic lid, the Mcflurys come with a pointless plastic hat which everyone bins the second they get near it.

Haiti has so many problems it cant handle municipal waste so it bulldozers it into the sea, but I used soap instead of a plastic bottle shower gel so the world is saved.

Sorry I know that makes me sound like a right wing selfish loon.

I do have some eco credentials though. I sold my Audi S6 nearly 2 years ago and have cycled to work ever since, although that was just because it was a money pit.

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