Humour me - new bike suggestions

I’m looking to upgrade my bike. I’m a weed, not super strong on the bike but have stamina. I’m working on hills and get up most, albeit quite slow. I compete in the longer distances and my nice Boardman Air has served me well for a few years. It loves nothing better than rolling along undulating and flatter routes. I don’t have a scooby when it comes to looking for a nice bike. I compete in the longer distances but every miniscule gain is a win for me. What would you choose if you had approximately £5K to spend?

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£5k is a lot to drop on a bike in this economy if you don’t know exactly what you want. I know it’s a cliche but an independent fit with frame recommendations might avoid a costly error?

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The brand new Trek Emonda is making the guys who work with Trek very happy. May be worth a look.

Road or tt?

Had my Boardman professionally fitted, and love my bike. Just would love to go that bit quicker. I upgraded the wheels 3 years ago and that has made a difference. The air is quite light anyway, so not sure if changing the frame would help? I know absolutely nothing though.


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Thank you. I’ll have a look.

Uderstood. What I meant by frame recommendations was that a good independent fitter will give you a range of frame makes and sizes that will fit you best. You could obviously buy a whole bike based on that.

If you are comfortable on your Boardman, just make sure what you are being can replicate that position. Then it’s just a case of picking a pretty colour :grin:

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I used to think that, then I saw that gorgeous blue of GB’s bike.

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At that price point they’re all good. Decide if you want aero/lightweight, get the one that you can make fit and you like the colour.

Thanks everyone. I’ll take a look, and then come back with some options to consider.

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Tritalk rules though I’m afraid

I have a Boardman AiR 9.8 (frame build) and have to say it’s a great road bike for going in a straight line. My other bike is a Condor Leggero and for climbing and long days on the bike that is my choice.

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5k and you can basically get whatever you want

Madone - S5 - Tarmac - take your pick!!

Personally I’d probably go with a sl6 s-works frame set, aerofly bars, di2 and whatever wheelset I could get with the remaining budget

Either in that pink or blue fade they do

Kerosene Red is the fastest Canyon colour.

I got my Spesh Venge Vias Disc on sale at £2.3k, added some nice wheels (Easton EC90 45mm, ~£2k RRP, £800 2nd hand near new) and swapped the gearing to Di2 (new). All inclusive, inc LBS swapping the gearing, I have a ~£8k RRP bike for £4k with all parts new or almost new.

Just saying buying completely off the shelf might not be the best way to spend £5k?


Seriously, how much weight is your current frame giving away? Especially as it’s a perfect fit for you, why not just get some nice lightweight wheels, a light groupset, compact chain rings so that you don’t need a massive cassette at the rear and a lighter saddle/pedals? All that should get you over the hills a bit quicker.

That’s what I was thinking. Then spend the rest of the money on a warm training camp /cycling holiday next winter/summer! :slight_smile:

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Get a power meter and a coach - long term gains will far outweigh any bike/part upgrade