HUUB wetsuits fragile? Yonda?

I’m having to finally give up on my faithful Orca TRN after 7 years as it’s feeling a bit heavy and “baggy” this summer.

Was looking at getting a Huub as they seem to be fairly popular around my way (near Derby) and I know you can get good deals through the outlet and the “mystery wetsuit” offers they do on their website.

However I saw on the BTF members facebook group someone else asking for recommendations on a new wetsuit and the feedback they received on huub were pretty negative in terms of their durability - a number of comments saying theirs had split after a year or less (“buy huub, buy glue”).

Is this fragility and lack or durability common with Huub wetsuits? Or is this just what higher end wetsuits are like in general? I’m not expecting my next one to last 7 years, but i’d like to get a good 3 or 4 years out of it if i’m spending more money on it.

A lot of the comments on that facebook post recommended Yonda, which isn’t a brand i recognise - anyone got any experience of their suits?

I’ve had mine for a couple of years, although to be honest I’ve probably only worn it about 20 times. It’s fine. No splits or anything . I’ve also worn it when I was quite overweight which would have tested its limit.

I had also heard that they are fragile and I am careful with it when I put it in.

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Go into the Huub shop at BikeWorks, you get an extra discount and they can tell you all about their suits.

Just call ahead in advance and let them know what you’re looking for and your rough size.
A lot of their stock is now held at the new place in Donington.

And yes, they are “fragile”, but most top-end suits are.
It’s like comparing Dura Ace to Tiagra.

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I’ve never owned a Huub myself but I help at an OW venue so speak to lots of swimmers and there are plenty of complaints about nicks and tears in Huubs, more so than other brands irrespective of price.
Our local wetsuit retailer/repairer says the same and doesn’t carry them any more. He’s started dealing in Yondas and swears by them. A few friends have bought them from him and are very happy with them too

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Definitley fragile. 1st one tore at the neck, they replaced it and the next iteration had aa strengthening piece put in, that suit fell apart as the stitching came away, I sold the replacement and went with a Foor, which has been faultless. I bought a Huub swimrun suit, which are supposed to be robust due to the running and clambering. Its got nicks in from normal lake swimming, and I’m v careful about putting it on. Its a shame really I do like their stuff but I cant be bothered with replacing them so often.


I bought an archimedes in 2012 and it’s got loads of little nicks and tears. Hasn’t been used that much and i was super careful. Plastic bags on my hands and feet etc. It has a fair old amount of Black Witch on it now! Lovely suit to wear though, but syaing that i upgraded from a bottom of the range Foor, so who knows!

Wore it last summer (once) after a couple of years of just sitting in my shed and it didn’t seem any worse for it.

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Switched from HUUB to a mid range Zone3, purely based off being able to try out the Zone 3 at the local lake and getting on much better with it, and the fact my first HUUB had a major malfunction in T1 on a sprint (zip broke) and the replacement got a tear in the shoulder somehow.

Really, the only real advice is to (if you can) go with whatever brand(s) give you the opportunity to swim in one before you buy. I tried the zone 3 side by side with old HUUB and the difference for me was very noticeable, and the Zone 3 was 200 quid cheaper. Just shows fit is the most important thing, so no need to be picky about brands per se.

That said, there’s a few people here who get on really well with HUUBs so all personal preference.

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I’m still using my Achimedes from 2014 for training
It’s had a new bicep piece (that tore as I put it on for IM Wales 2015), got loads of cuts and nicks in it

Still keeps me afloat


I have foor suits …

Which one did you get?

I have five. Oh, wait…


I do actually have four suits !

Foor quauntum 2 size 3 and 2.5

Basic foor 2.5

Huub archemides … no idea on size but it’s too small for me.

To be honest, I have more than 5, although one I have been unsuccessfully trying to sell for ages and don’t want to just bin it (I’d likely do that, then want to give swim-run a go and want one to hack up just to experiment). And another I should bin.

1x Archimedes III 3:5 (unused - bought as a race suit for this year. What races?)
3x Archimedes II 3:5 (1 is my old race suit now training suit, another is brand new as a warranty replacement - I had an issue right before IM Copenhagen, so just bought a new one, the last was a Grade D ex-demo that only cost £70 but has fallen to pieces in a season - I should really bin)
1x Aegis II (my old training wetsuit - used more in winter now as thicker)
1x 2XU R2 (very first wetsuit - not used in years and years)

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Question for you …!?

I’ve only ever swum in one of them in open water
Foor quantum 2 the bigger one …!?

Despite 000”s of press ups during lock down, my upper body is certainly biggger… I can not stop water “ sloshing” from my shoulder to right arm, all the way to the wrist …!?

Small amount but water is heavy and it’s not helping my shite slow swim much…!?!

Tried putting it on differently , there’s no major holes or rips…!?

Had it three years and it’s been perfect till the last three swims…!?

As soon as I get to 70kg I’ll use the nearly new 2.5 size one… that would be a bit tight at the min.!

The huub is very very difficult to get in but the shoulders feel like there not there …!?

It was a gift so may have a go in it after IMUK

And people say I have tooooo much stuff!!

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Yonda ain’t far from you. They’re based in Huddersfield. Under normal circumstances you can drop by and look at their suits. Might be worth a call.

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I’ve never owned a HUUB but their fragility does seem to come up time and time again on various boards.

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The Quantum 2.4, new last year. Prior to the Huubs I had an old ex rental that cost me £50, lasted 15 years…

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Thank you for your replies everyone.

I’ve had a bit of look at the Yonda website and it looks like they’re out of my price range.

Will have a look around at where I could try things on, but i’m not sure if places will be offering that kind of thing at the moment.

Tempted to just order another Orca online as I know what size to get and the current one has been really good.

I have never even heard of Yonda. Suppose I dont read the Triathlon mags anymore and am not in the market for a wetsuit

I’ve just bought a Zone 3 Aspire after having an Orca TRN

My Orca was a MT and I’m just about squeezing into a ST with the zone 3 (it was worth a shot at the discounted price)

Obviously I’ve not swum for months and have only swum in the new suit 3 times but I’m liking it and would rate it!