IM Cascais, Portugal 2021

Anyone in for this?

Pretty much the only full distance available to me, no isolation as Portugal is in the air corridor or whatever COVID phrase it is, but five weeks extra training and a very difficult conversation with the Mrs if I want to go through that argument…

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I’m doing the half. Have been booked on it from the beginning.

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I have a mate who’s meant to be doing it. Sea will be cold and might start / finish the race in the dark at that time of year.

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Yeah jeez it’s the Atlantic in November!

First time doing a half for me and only my second Tri after doing a sprint a year ago. I had other events planned before this one to ease me into it but… well I don’t need to say anymore on that one!

Looks like a good one to be fair.

Surprisingly the Mrs said ok this morning, which is step one of many - the risk of postponement is a biggie given I have Barca delayed already to October 3 2021.

Tier 4 only available, but it is essentially that last horse in town.


I had a look and can fly pretty cheap in on Thursday evening back on Sunday night, race is on Saturday I think which is a bonus, Mrs Hen has been completely worn down over the years so her approval is a given. BUT it’s too risky to throw more money at events so I am out…probably …until I drink a couple of glasses of red wine …and find my credit card…I do like Portugal, it’s not too far away,

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Looks like Portugal is going back on the quarantine list.

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Transfered from Nice to Cascais, pretty certain it wont happen, but just adding to my game of suffling events. Not booking flights of hotels just yet

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I’m giving it until mid October, if it’s still running and still available…and my legs aren’t broken…

Just looked at entries for AG45-49 in Cascais, I had a look at all athletes in AWA Gold and Silver… it is totally stacked

20 People have done sub 9:45 Ironman times in past 2 years
14 Athletes have been to Kona in 2018 of 2019
4 Althelets have top 10 Kona finishes in 2018 or 2019
… none of the above have already got a Kona Slot

Give that there are just 40 Kona slots, so probably 5 in my AG I think I need to be realistic about my KQ chances

I am a little surprised that the race has not been cancelled yet given the Covid situation in Europe


Wow and that’s just M45. Rest of the field must be loaded too

I recon KQ for 2021 will be really tough. I’ll probably just stick with Lanza and Roth next year and aim to KQ in 2022 when I age up to M50-54

You might find ultimately, that Roth and Lanza are better events too. I’ve heard plenty of people say Kona was a bit of a let down.

These are the 4 top athletes registered for Cascais in M45-49. I have pulled out their Kona results. I guess these 4 will all KQ

Sam Gyde
2019 9th, 2017 7th, 2014 5th, 2013 1st

Stephan Mettier
2019 4th, 2018 7th, 2016 4th

Mike Schifferle
2019 3rd

Alessandro Tomaiuolo
2019 6th

Mike Schifferle was a Pro in 2018 and only became an AG in 2019

I always thought that would be the case. The really top level people who KQ regularly and attend regularly are going to be the one’s who are most likely to search out any possible race going ahead.

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These are both events that I really want to do. Also having discovered Ultra’s this year, my desire to chase KQ is definately waning.

I think I’d quite like to go back and do Roth as my 10th and final Iron distance; go full-circle. I’m on 8 now.

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Round it off in style with a sub 10hr in Roth. Leave it a few years when the kids are old enough that you can put in a decent training block to give it your best shot.

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Matt, a lad I know is doing it, fairly sure he’s doing the full, went low 9 at Tallinn a few weeks ago, but he’s already got a slot for Kona.

Keith Murray.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a few others don’t already have slots and are doing this an alternative to Kona this year?