IM Frankfurt 2021

Well despite the heat and non wetsuit swim I’m in for next year.
Why oh why lol :grinning:

What is it about you guys who cannot resist doing this event year after year :grimacing:

Or rather, what’s the draw, I just don’t get it.

Not completely sure. I do like the bike course
It’s easy and cheap to get too as well.

I ask myself this every time I rock up at Wales, still don’t have an answer that makes sense!

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I guess it’s the ‘human condition’ :sweat_smile:

I think it’s more likely the shop that sells pasties the size of a car. :grin:

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I do miss a good pasty. I had one at 150km on the Brevet Cymru :ok_hand: Just one since then iirc, Cornwall back at Easter.

It was the first thing I’d do when I got to Edinburgh Airport (back from MUC) to head to the West Cornwall Pasty shop!

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Brevet Cymru, that reminds me of an event I did a few years ago called Etape Cymru, it was closed roads and brilliant but bloody hilly. the final climb was called End of the World or something,uggh needed a pasty then!

This was an Audax (405km). Basically a tour of Welsh convenience stores :laughing:

I am definitely not looking at this…


But you are


always fancied this got to the booking hotel stage lol

Try the Ibis. Good price and on the run course


will check it out , got to booking hotel last time and ended up not doing it ;-(

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Some of the hotels aren’t booking that far just yet

First 3 tiers sold out, think this year might sell out a lot quicker than the previous ones

Everyone is loving the NWS swim! I’m guessing mainly German entrants.


Looking at this for 2020, only ever done UK IM events
What are the positives, negatives? How are the logistics?

Very easy to get too
Plenty of hotel choice
Could be non wetsuit
Good fast bike course
Run course hot hot
Split transitions. They provide buses but still a pain.
Great surport
Brilliant finish line.
15 HR cut off could be tight for some people

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Sold out now,about the same time as last year i think