IM Frankfurt 2022

Two weeks to go.

No clue how it’s going to go.

Fun times


Nutrition plan?
Flying or driving?

Gud luck

if you any tips after event would be greatly appreciated i( looks like is a goer 2023)

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Not have a puncture is the main one.
This year I’m going to go more on feel, with ceilings on the power/pace, rather than targeting specific times, as that has never worked

Concentrated fluid/gel in frame and rear bottle. Fluid BTA
Grab refills at aid stations
Try to drip feed every 15 mins as I have been on the turbo

On the run, just gels, coke etc



Basically @Poet I am woefully under prepared


From the experienced guy training 20 hr weeks :thinking: :joy:


Agree with every single word. Whilst I went in with power/HR ideas I trust feel above all else and could happily race on feel.

Only nutrition comment is if it’s gatorade on course be wary… I changed my nutrition plan (less carbs in my prepared bottles) to account for it being gatorade on course as the only electrolyte option.
In future I’d supply all my own carbs, accept water from aid stations and use electolyte capsules.
Don’t think the gatorade gave me much as much energy as it should have (likely dilute on course etc)

And yes, I spent most of the bike alternating between judging pacing effort, and realising I was ‘x’ amount more kms in and still no puncture, therefore only ‘y’ to go to stay lucky. Love the relief every key race when it’s back in my own hands, just down to my body and not mechanicals.


Yes just how woefully unprepared you can be for an aerobic endurance event is questionable, but still all perception

I know, I know. I’m just teasing!

I’m not sure I ever feel prepared in any event I ever do!

Best way I’ve found :+1:t3:
Had my best ever results/enjoyment that way :heart_eyes:

Completely agree about the targets and RPE.
Train with power/HR, but race to feel, using those actual numbers as a cap.

I’ve gone off gels for the run :poop:
Just water/Coke/isotonic at the aid stations, whilst power walking through them.

Can’t wait to see what you do…,is that Barca time gonna tumble?

What is it with you and IM Frankfurt? :rofl: :joy:

The definition of insanity…

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The only Ironman I’ve done twice is Austria; because it’s just a great course & location. The bike is probably even better now that it’s 2 different laps.

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The carb mix powder I have has electrolytes in it, but I’ve always used the PH tablets as well

Only raced twice since 2019 and DNF-ed one of those :rofl:

I’ve done a ton of training, but still stupidly didn’t do a large number of simulation bricks

Only did 2 century rides, but loads of 3-4 hour turbo sessions
Lots of runs in the 10-15 mile range, but only one 20+
Lots of swim intervals, but shocking speed in OW

I’ve been living in the fatigued zone for about 2 months now, but still able (with maybe only two missed targets) to hit all the sessions I wanted.

I really don’t know what’s going to happen.


I was swimming better in OW back then and we don’t talk about the bike leg :wink:

The route at Frankfurt is down from 185km back to 182km but still don’t think I’m going to be under 5:10
So with 65 for the swim, 5 for T1, 5:10, then 5 for T2, that would need to be a 3:03 marathon…


It’ll be 30+ or single figures & raining. This is Frankfurt!


Next weekend, Frankfurt will be blazingly hot, however, this mini heatwave is scheduled to end early/mid next week, so potentially really nice weather for the IM

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Flat run


But zero shade! Austria is flat, not sure what Roth is like these days, but small undulations can be a relief. Hamburg has a great run, if they’ve fixed the bike course.

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CTL is at it’s highest ever - 155 on Sunday - compared to 141 back in 2014

My resilience I would say is pretty good as well.
So many times in the last few weeks I’ve not wanted to train, but have sucked it up and done 2-4hr sessions. Last weeks 21 mile run being a prime example.

It’s just I have had so many “failures” at events, it starts to play games with you