IM Frankfurt 2022

I think I was the same but there could have been a tailwind and the fact I was getting the slingshot effect

Was vastly different when the wind and rain turned up!

Other comedy moment: 5 of us crammed into a car on the Thursday to ‘drive the bike course’.

With some bloke map reading we though we covered most of it, job done, plans made etc.

Come race day we realised we’d gone off course and driven virtually none of it…:rofl::rofl::grinning:


eeeee u can,t beat the good old day :rofl:

Hah yeah; the first 10km of an Ironman bike is always a ‘float day’ especially on a DC! St Polten is the same…unless it’s a headwind.

@funkster out of interest you seem to have this gig pretty much dialled, what’s your marathon pb and how do you see that time compared to the Ironman marathon

I’ve never nailed the Ironman marathon down to poor pacing the first ten k so determined to really slow down this time


Sorry to break it to you, but I have had one “good” IM out of 8
Add to that, two marathon failures in 2021

Only advice I could give, would be to use the laps at Frankfurt as a guide.
They’re 10km, so pace accordingly compared to what you would class as an “easy” run


Thankyou for the advice I’ll take it on board

If you’re looking for company for a swim Saturday or bored, reach out when we’re over there

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So my garmin pedals are here, but I can’t get the old ones off

My brand new front tyre has gone squidgy but I don’t have any more tape to replace the tub.

Anything else wanna go wrong when I’m just meant to be relaxing


Arrived here bike box and all race kit etc arrived but casual and food bag not made it​:joy:. Mrs p not happy :joy:

Never easy is it?!!

Onwards we March :rocket:


I thought normal pre-IM etiquette was just to wear a Kona finishers t shirt for 3 days straight around all the venues?

Apparently can buy food out there especially sausages and that cabbage stuff.

Good luck to you and @funkster and anyone else doing Frankfurt :+1: looking forward to some tracking action at the weekend


Good luck this weekend in Frankfurt. It rained here a lot last night (I live 3hrs south of Frankfurt) temperature has definitely gone down from the 30s, but it’s still really warm this morning. Think you’ll be having about 27degrees on Sunday, still warm but better than 37degrees.


My wife won’t entertain a finishers t shirt as casual clothes on a nearly 40 year old father of 3 unless it’s immediately after the finish :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yeh it turns out that one of europes major financial city centres has supermarkets with edible stuff in it!! The mind boggles, was actually looking forward for an excuse to eat white chocolate and nut cliff bars for two days in honesty

Thanks for luck messages guys always welcome and needed in any Ironman

Now time for all the carbs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rice::rice:


All. Of. The. Carbs!

Best part!

Good luck and smash it!


Go to a bakery and get lots of danish style pasteries. Also get your kids some Ferrero Hanuta from the supermarket (if they don’t have a nut allergy).

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Yeah, and lots are called Aldi and Lidl just like at home - although I think Frankfurt is the weird Aldi not the same one as here.

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Hahaha - you crack me up! Frankfurt and England both have Aldi Süd!!

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The Dad at the school who always wears shorts to show off his IM tat…at sports day he was also wearing a Finisher shirt :joy: Do you think he wants people to know?

Still never spoken to him (he’s not a regular at the drops).


Yeah, but was it hotter than the sun? Doesn’t count if not, or some kind of remorseless ultra Ironman bike course in Hamburg :grimacing::joy:


He was too far away to spot the event. if it was a 70.3 I will shit my pants :joy:


or his GeeeeBeeee age group tracksuit/shorts & t-shirt, cap, oakleys all year round with an expensive TT bike permanently strapped to the top of his Volvo Jeep thingy. I done him with my ill fitting, long sleeve forestman tshirt though.