IM Lanzarote 2023

I did my first Lanza in 2009 - met a load of TriTalkers from the old forum and have done 6 IM Lanza’s in total since then. My 2020 race got deferred to 2023 due to Covid so I will be doing IM Lanzarote number 7 and cannot wait. The picture below was taken outside Ruta 66 the night after my first race. I can see Woodenone, Mrs Slacko, Stengun, Fix and Repoman - don’t recognise the others anymore. Its an awesome race and I am looking forward to reliving some great memories - especially in Ruta :slight_smile: Hope to see some you you out there.


Let the sandbagging commence and people not having time to train :roll_eyes::joy:

It’s actually a shame they don’t run the 70.3 the same weekend like other races, I’d be tempted by that followed by feet up and watch some suffering :grin:


Will be my first but apparently 2023 is going to be the hottest and windiest ever, also the swim bike and run sections are going to go on forever, especially the long part of the run which is going to go on double-forever. Can’t wait & am making special plans to get some warm weather training in over the winter :+1: see you there


Some names from the past there! (I always what happened to Jonny-Ha?)

Advanced shark warning as well :flushed:

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Morgs (was that his login on TT01?) is the little one, third from the left. He lives in Lanza now.


2013 - said I’d never hurt like that again , back again 2023 - older, wiser , and no doubt make the same mistakes


Might be a nice trip but can’t see myself hitting the IM circuit again, especially rocking a Focus Paralane :joy:


2023 date will be 20th May just been released, I had deferred into 2023 so looking forward to a hard winter :smiling_face_with_tear: seen lots of comments on this year’s event and I am out here now as a spectator and have to say the previous years finish line was far better location far to many crossings. As always thought CLS do a great job organising and support was great. El Golfo is still closed means the trip to playa blanca hopefully it will be sorted for next year.


Ah, bugger, that’s a week too early for half term here

This is my night in Ruta after the 2013 race. I remember it being a messy affair!

I took a look at the bike course from this year - and it was completely different from what I have done before. The swim is also 1 lap not 2. Has the start position changed as well? The trip down to Playa Blanca could be brutal if the wind is blowing.

I am already planning a training week and thinking of staying at Club Oceano near to the start. Going to start floating the idea with Mrs Earthling early doors. Might need some. brownie points though!


Yeah, that sucks :sob:! It worked in 2018, probably down to an early Easter (2024 might work as Easter is 31st march).

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Need to get to the drawing board for next year

Well I just watched the Facebook video on the Ironman Lanzarote facebook page and the swim start/finish has moved a long way from where I am used to it being. But I can get the gist with the ramp down to the beach. This years race looks awesome - I can’t post a link to the video but its well worth a watch and easy to find on the facebook page.


enjoyed that, thanks :+1:

Got the email to complete deferred registration for 2023 race today :+1:



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Awesome :grin: Just filled out mine - were in :blush: So looking forward to this one already.

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Yes, moved to be more towards Ruta, swim left directly into the sun for 1k or so, then 2k back past the 2013 start position and past the hotel too and the back into the sun for the final section, I navigated by using the force most of the time as the buoys were way too small to see in hte chop.

Lovely decent towards Playa Blanca then a dead turn into block headwind for 12km or so, then on to Timanfaya as a reward. Most people really enjoyed the 15km into Teguise which was full of headwind and the real thrill of having a 5km out and 5km back after 150km, uphill and as ever into a headwind


I knew that road north out of Playa Blanca would be shite, soul destroying