IMNZ and Skipper

How’s he going to do on Saturday?

Looking at his training in the last few months, and add in that he’s racing with no pressure, with a KQ already in the bag, he’s a strong contender for the win.

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He’s going to crush it like a grape


He’s looking solid.

Even his swim is looking good.

Not sure what happened to him at the challenge race a couple of weeks ago but I think he lost his nutrition in the bike?!

Yeah - he lost the lot and smashed the run knowing he would implode, but tried to stave it off

Did he finish?

Yeah i think he did.

Braden Currie and Mike Phillips will be tough to beat though. Currie won that Challenge race and i think Phillips was on the podium. Be good to see Skipper take the win though!

Perhaps with that KQ locked-in, he will use it to ‘experiment’ with a few strategies; knowing he’ll probably get a pay cheque anyway.

Not sure Skipper is an ‘experiment with strategy’ sort of guy. After his best win in Florida in Nov I suspect he feels on top of the world and wanting more of that feeling. He’ll be all out for the W.

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Ah, but experimenting can also include a potential suicide mission :wink:

Think he’s had his share of suicide missions, and to be fair isn’t in the same position after the swim these days so no need to any more…

Did you see Cam Brown is in for his 23rd IM NZ!!!

Looks like it starts at 18:30 tonight on Ironman Now - probably take in a bit of that in this evening as I’m up to date on the Great Pottery Throwdown :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ooh this could brighten up my treadmill session this evening

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Might be able to catch the end of the swim and the start of the bike! haha

Wow… just how rubbish is IM live coverage!

Oh look… here’s the men… they appear to have started 24 seconds ago. We ignored the accurate countdown to the start we’d put on the screen and showed you something else instead for a laugh.


Mass start :+1:

Just tuned in. Looks grey and a bit choppy/windy

Skipper apparently running a 60t single chain ring! :exploding_head:

Some piss poor bike mounting skills from some of the pros.