IMUK 2021

I can’t find a thread, is no one from TT racing?

Tim Don in 2nd with Sam Laidlow leading. Skipper ten minutes behind…

Can’t tell if you’re yanking the chain :grinning:


I looked twice, honest!

Cant delete it wither

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I was thinking the same.


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I still don’t see it…

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Glitch in the matrix

Ive been banned from the thread haven’t I?

Was it the road bikes at the velodrome that did it?



Is there anyway to hide a thread that you’ve accidentally done?


Oh well but good for Tim Don, looks like he made time on skipper since T1

Whose this Minnican dude in M25-29 turning in a 49min swim?

I coulda been top ten out of the water in M45-49 looking at their times! If I had entered…

Skipper moving up now.

Great to see Tim Don still kicking ass.

Are there only 3 FPROs?

Can’t see anyone beating Bartlett today. She’s been in good form recently

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Lost time though. His gap to the front two increased by over 2 minutes between check points

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Yeah, seem odd to me. Maybe he should t have done that 50TT last week :sweat_smile:

I hear he’s been asking for an allen key…


Always drama with Skipper :rofl:


Weird, the normal thread has disappeared for me too.

:sweat_smile: Should’ve asked yesterday, there were about 2,000 people with tool kits around him.

He’s only moved up as Tom Davies either has an issue or has dropped of the tracker at that mat.

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Bartlett down to 2nd