IMUK 2021

So have we moved to this thread now? I’m not checking both.

You might have muted the thread?

Can you search for it? Muted is possible

The link got me in, posted there, now I can take it off mute - don’t know how it got muted


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Yeah I managed to mute a thread the other day too, only realised when trying to post something

Now have FOMO about other threads accidentally muted which I know nothing about

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Tracker is only showing two mpro is Skipper out?

Top 5 through the 102.9 split.

Irritatingly the 78km split not showing

Leon and Elliot losing the least time to Sam on that section.

There’s coming through now

Sun is out


If you can get chapter and verse from Poet about what happened when he comes through, we’d all appreciate that @Mungo2!


I’ll certainly ask…!

No doubt we will hear all about it later …?!

He’s just come past.



I am sorry for starting the duplicate thread :sob:, and I can’t close it (@Hammerer ) but you might want to use the other thread now :smiley:

I believe Tom Davies has crashed.

That foggy is an animal

Round the cornier on the bars… whoosh!

Nikki B had her own AG team time trial around her.

It’s starting to rain!!