Injury List- do any parts of you still work?

OK, happy to be the first martyr/victim boo hoo I feel sorry for myself on the list.

Please copy and update should you also want to set up your excuses and require my sympathy!

Clive - left knee, left hernia (not been to doctors yet, but having had same place before, I just know that feeling)


All good here. It’s been all UT1 and UT2 training mostly, starting to increase the intensity now. Keep up the core / conditioning and lots of stretching all help to reduce injury. Older I get, the more stretching and core is required.

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Valaspuku - Knocked over a precariously balanced 20kg unloaded trap bar, and as I tried to flee the top end landed directly on my right calf. 2 days so far of not being much use for anything other than a slow walk!

Ironically bought the trap bar to help keep myself injury free :joy:


I have too many to mention, including multiple breaks to 9 fingers/thumbs which means my grip strength is awful.

I can’t wait to see how that goes in my 50’s and 60’s.

The funniest, however, is a particularly nasty haemorroid caused rushing into the toilet 5 minutes before the start of a sprint triathlon.

Still competed, and did well. Then wondered what the hell was going on during the drive home.


As per other threads mostly this hip problem I’ve got which I think it a bit of tendonitis amongst other things.

Right shoulder is also quite sore as well, the sooner it warms up and I spend less time at the computer I’m hoping it will settle down. Or if I can get to the gym.


Ah forgot to mention trigger finger!

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I woke up with a really angry back. Must have slept funny, and should be temporary. But all day I’ve been in pain every time I make a particular set of movements. Reaching down towards my toes and things like picking up a full kettle where the mid back muscles are engaged is the worst!

Probably didn’t help by digging another chunk of the allotment!! :grimacing: Tried to use leverage and move in the planes where it didn’t hurt, and when it did just swore, grimaced and cracked on. :see_no_evil:

Was supposed to be going out for 2-3 hr run tmw. Not looking too likely!


Both knees a bit achy tonight, increased running over the last few weeks and new shoes?

Usual stiff shoulder/neck, never goes away.

Chilblains on toes

Think that’s it for tonight.

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Only 2 of resent years.
Right rotor cuff injury, which I never got properly sorted when it happened so I have scar tissue on the ligament.
Left knee MCL strain happened during a water fight with the daughter. Bare feet + wet grass + being over competitive = foot slipping and knee collapsing inwards. Thought it was ACL, so MCL and no meniscus tear was a result.


Right ankle still giving me grief. Gets worse even with a slow 4-5Km commute cycle, haven’t run for a few days, doing some icing daily, really need to get this injury sorted.

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Just recovering from supraspinatus tendonitis and trapped nerve.
Was sleeping on the sofa sat bolt upright for 8 days in absolute agony.

Been able to lie down and sleep in a bed for a week now and train a bit this week but I keep waking up at this time in a lot of pain (4:30am)

Can still bike though, just don’t want to run yet and aggravate it.


Well seems like it didn’t magically cure itself last night. Instead I was woken up by my back every time I moved in bed. So yeah, feeling tip top after a crappy sleep and the little one waking up at 5.15 :roll_eyes:


Without wishing to seem unsympathetic, most injuries so far do not seem directly linked to the noble pursuit of sporting excellence.

Slipped during water fight. Dropped something on own leg. Haemorrhoidal bathroom mishap.

Has anyone got an actual sports injury to show off?:grinning:


I’m claiming that mine is, but more an overuse\stupid human problem :roll_eyes:

I wouldn’t care, I’m a lot better now about reacting and not just pushing through niggles anymore.

I’m suffering from a bad bout of M50 :rofl:

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Hungover as all hell. I’m sure that counts?


it does for me…

not an injury per se, but I have persistent atrial fibrillation which, combined with the beta blocker I take, limits what I can do as the heart can’t get to max HR and blood isn’t being pumped efficiently around my

having my 2nd cardiac ablation tomorrow to put me back into normal sinus rhythm - let’s hope this bugger works as 1st one only lasted a few months!

any maybe, just maybe, if it does work I can get cracking on with training for my rowing marathon in April (after a few weeks rest of course)


I’ve found a superb way of not getting injured while out running.

Its not doing my bathroom scales much good though.


had my 2nd ablation done this morning - quite a complex one involving full mapping of the heart’s nervous system and 3 catheters inserted (uncomfy) up the femoral artery to do the RF ablation. fully awake although sedated but knocked out at the end to do the heart restart (cardioversion) as that is not nice if you’re awake. feel a bit groggy now and waiting to see the consultant before they release me for home.


Hope you feel better soon FB and that the heart ablation op has done the trick this time.