Iron Cowboy 100 IM 100 Days

Was going to put this in ST thread but thought it warranted a thread of its own as bound to prompt some discussion. (If nothing else but when ST lose their sh1t over some detail of his execution)

Hmm. I would not immediately be leaping to be supportive. I would have hoped that he learned from the last time. Like how he’s supporting his family and being a dad, for example. If he’s got that covered, then ok. Maybe.

Edit - it’s an ST classic thread already with a complete meltdown only on page 2. :rofl:. Well picked @JaRok2300


Yes, my initial reaction would be he’s on another ego trip, and he’s completely self engrossed. But hey, if someone is paying for him to do it, it would be like going away to work for just over 3 months right, like offshore? :tipping_hand_man: Show me a professional athlete that’s not the same, they just make more money. Look at people like Cracknell!

I will now go away and read more. But the IMTalk podcast I heard with him a few years ago didn’t add up; he claimed to be working full-time, being a full-time Dad and training full-time. Righto :sweat_smile:

If he claims he’s doing it for his kids again, then okay, shoot him.


I don’t know the ins and outs of it but there’s mention in the ST thread of some foundation that bounced to his foundation that ultimately funded him. All a bit sketchy, but that was the last time not this one.

Brooks Doughtie obviously thinks he has a chance.

I might sign-up to the Iron Grit lectures; it’s only $1497 right now.

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I think that was the it’s-for-charity-umm-err-honest guv moment.

TBH I watched the documentary and they came across as a bit stupid. Naive as well but mostly stupid. Now I know that sounds condescending and you don’t have to be super smart to attempt this stuff. I thought they started off brave and excited by the whole thing, and made a whole host of mistakes…but the editing of the documentary at least made it seem that they’d learned from some of their mistakes as they went. I just thought one of the things they’d learned was that it was a bad idea!

So being supportive for a minute, if they have learned from all their mistakes, then good on them. Otherwise, I just cant watch another car crash.


Interestingly, there’s nothing out there on the web about his background, and what he did before all his triathlon challenges; even his website doesn’t have an ‘about’ or Bio page. It’s like he’s a ghost. The Internet thinks he’s worth $4,65m, so what’s the story?

You seem much more clued up on it than me but the lack of travelling between states would seem a big advantage over the last attempt. A consistent routine, amount of sleep, recovery etc. but still a massive undertaking with huge potential to get derailed, more than ever in the current climate.

As an aside I was listening to Eddie Izzard on Talksport earlier (being interviewed during today’s marathon). She said that the first 10 marathons were training and it got easier after that. I’ll have to take her word for that one!

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So, how many do we think he’ll do? Sweepstake time.

Off the hip, I’m going 44.

I’m waiting to see what the rules are, can he revert to treadmill, turbo trainer etc. I don’t think that will be the case ( as it’s under Guinness WR rules) but it makes a big difference if carrying a niggle for example. From what was said on the ST thread, there is the possibility of bad weather (even snow) where he is too, so that could make a big difference.

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Good point; maybe they will remain nebulous like the man himself.

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I am absolutely just a vaguely interested observer, but from the few mental things I have watched this is normal. Day one is hard, day X hey-my-body-got-used-to-this, day Y hey-my-body-has-completely-fallen-apart seems to be the trajectory/curve they go on. A bit like a single day IM I suppose :slight_smile:

I think where the people who know what they’re getting into/doing differ from the random characters is that they know this curve in advance and they train/plan to make Day Y as near to the end of the feat of endurance as they can.

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I think he’ll do ok but then a niggle will eat into recovery time with a slide downhill. Whether he makes it to 100 or even 80+/60+ completely depends on how bad that niggle is and if he can recover quickly enough, e.g. if he can bounce back in 1 day or if he ends up getting further and further behind schedule.

I’d put a cheeky guess in at 55

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I reckon he’ll get about two weeks in when something throws a spanner in the works.

The big question is: Will he take a Delaware Street Nap? :grin:

You could make a living out of this “tubing”. Now he is known, document training, add some serious sponsorship , I always recover with “Huel” :wink: then follow. Each video will get at least 10k hits, that’s a good 70bucks per video, over 100 days, plus 6 months training, then the Netflix documentary. Then he will coach as obviously gettign coached by someone who does things themselves is far better than employing a real coach with experience :wink: I


That’s exactly what he has done apparently. Jorgan asked his background question on ST, and they provided some fairly thorough answers. Apparently he already coaches loads of people now

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I’ll be honest, the guy strikes me as a complete narcissist. Could we have a picture of him with his clothes on? I’ll pass on anything he’s monetised. To be clear, I feel the same about a lot of media personalities; this thread just happens to be about him.



Its hardly new. For every person who makes some money out of fame, there will be x thousand still on the breadline. Get a job or roll the dice. Its their call.

I suppose there is at least some talent in suffering through months of triathlon, compared to say celebrity love island.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll do 50 Ironmans in 50 weeks, and just tube my training…hmm. Might get me a pint. Need to buy a pool first though.


that’s the thing, you have to be “the first” and then promote the fuck out of it, then succeed, then take all the bashing, and then come up with another silly challenge and that may make you a few quid. Only so much you can do though, where does it stop. An IM a day for a year.

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