Ironman Florida 2019

Race well under way…

Skipper is looking good on the bike (blowing kisses to the camera on the bike) averaging 28+mph, chasing down Starky and Jesper Svensson.

MPRO only.

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Yep following it as I have a couple of mates racing. Skipper is out biking Starkey, and has gone from 19th to 3rd so far. Let’s hope he had run legs (that’s where Kona 3 weeks ago may sting).

I thought he had a bad swim. He seemed miles back. Just logged on now to see him up in 3rd.

Only real danger, if all goes to plan, would be Hoffman you’d think.

Actually shaping up to be a close race. Will come down to how their runs hold up. Hoffman in 4th is running the fastest at the moment, so any of the top 4 or 5 could grab the 2 Kona slots

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Skipper looking good to hunt down starky just after half way I reckon. Hoffman could then catch him though…interesting second half!! Go Joe!

2 slots available.

Skipper looks very smooth. Got the feeling Starkey will get edged out, Hoffman and Skipper to bag the slots but can’t call winner.

Joe has just passed Starky :grinning:

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A good pay day, and lock in Kona for 2020 before Christmas. Just needs to hold on for ~9 miles and take the win.


Ooh, he looks like he really needs some sugar. Come on Joe!

BOOM :boom::boom::boom:


2:39!!! FFS!

Hoffman ran a 2.36!

Great result for Skipper though.

So happy!!! Little bit drunk as well. Love Skipper.


Wow!..that was one hell of a performance from Joe!

Faster bike and run times than those set by Tim Don for his 7:40 World Record.

2:36 run and 2nd for Hoffman. Looks like he and Joe used their Kona 4th/6ths as a last big training day…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Awesome! Really pleased for Joe, great win.

Yes! What a performance watched it from the end of the swim- well executed bike and run, great race!

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Joes has got the bike at 180.1km and the run at 42.17km on his Strava.

Just in case you’re thinking they’re short.
They’re not :scream:

Those are very impressive times


On the bike Joe Skipper averaged 367W for 4 hours and 5 minutes. Then straight away he ran at an average of 3m46 per km for another 2 hours and 40 minutes.

As a hobby jogger I find those numbers almost incomprehensible!