Ironman Frankfurt 2019

3 and a bit weeks to go

Lake is at 22.4 degrees

You don’t want another re-run of 2015. But then as Frankfurt regular, you know the risks all too well! Glutton for it :wink::crazy_face:

Only appearance fees would make me return to that event.

Glad i had to defer to next year ,not that it will be any cooler lol

Welcome to our community. Another Frankfurt die-hard!

Hi all. My first post on tritalk!

At the weekend I finished 70.3 Staffs for the second time, and am looking to step up to 140.6 in 2020, but am having difficulty choosing an event.

After some research Frankfurt is my preferred option because

  1. Not a sea swim
  2. Flat
  3. Easy to get to
  4. I’m free that weekend. Not available for Bolton which was my initial preference

My concerns are

  1. I suck at foreign languages. How much of a negative is it doing an event in a non-English speaking country? I will be doing the race on my own, though my girlfriend will be supporting.
    Will there be English speakers in aid stations for example? Do lots of Brits do the race?

  2. Heat. How often is it a non wetsuit swim?

Interested to know why the above poster said he wouldn’t attend unless for attendance fee.

Thanks in advance


Hey Elliot,

This will be my 4th time this year, so I can give you my views.

Frankfurt is generally always a hot one - anywhere between 25-40 degrees

This can be a big factor on the run as there is nowhere to hide.
@Jorgan was there, as was I in 2015, when it was 41 degrees on the run. From memory, he ended up laying down for a bit under a bridge.

In the 3 times I’ve done it, it was only non-wetsuit once, but it does get close to that magical 24.5

Pretty much everyone in Frankfurt speaks English and the race briefing is done in both English and German.

I go over on my own on the Friday and my, now 74, mum comes over on the train on the Saturday

Let me know if you need some more info

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Yes, that’s when the Vietcong had me in a bamboo cage & the Hueys were flying overhead. I was in a bad place :slight_smile:

You’re allowed to wear the 2015 finisher medal on your chest.

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My best friend did that race in 15 and got a KQ from it (his first). He destroyed himself and went to a very dark place with the soaring temperatures, but somehow stuck it out. I would have died!!!

Thanks @funkster - much appreciated. Going to give it some more consideration before registration opens. If I decide to go for it, I’ll be in touch!

Weather looks great for the middle of next week

38 degrees


Are you kidding???

No he isn’t!

Paging @Jorgan

Have you ever heard about the time when…

38, sounds about right. Glutton for it only has it as low 30s next week.

Has it 36 for the Saturday and 26 for race day.

One of those I can deal with…

When I did Regensburg, it was cloudy and cool on the Friday, then sweltering the day before for bike check-in, I was melting in the queue. Then, as per the forecast, race day was wet, and about 15 degrees cooler! Same in Roth - Fri boiling, Sat/Sun a total washout, Monday hot again!

The weather in central/southern Germany really swings between ‘extremes’ this time of year. I can remember racing home in Erding, trying to beat early evening thunderstorms; we’d be heading in opposite directions towards the town…me versus a very black weather front…

Love that Regensburg course

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So… are we allowed to wear a wetsuit if it is hotter than 24.5, but you just cannot qualify for Kona (which is not an issue for me)…

No. Above that temp and it’s no wetsuit at all.

I think that’s only in American events.