Ironman Frankfurt 2019

Ok good to know… Thanks for the quick response

I cant wait to get this race done, thanks to a achilles injury that forced me to bail on Barcelona last year and only properly healed about 5 weeks ago the back end of the 26 is going to be a killer. Throw a bit of heat in and its going to get interesting! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Today I’ll be mostly looking for my swim skin as it’s 23.7 in the lake and a week of 30+ temperatures

About as much chance of Frankfurt being cool, as Cork being hot :joy:


For @Jorgan

“ make sure you are well prepared to race under these unusually hot conditions

Looks like it’s going to be a great race for the pro field

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For once im glad i pulled out,would be just landing in Frankurt and panicking now

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Go on then … which German is going to win it this weekend then?

:smirk: that’s like saying, ‘this unusually wet rain in Ireland’

If it doesn’t hit 40 in the shade, I don’t want to hear it.

Tough one.
Not a huge amount of post injury form to assess Jan so who knows.
Saw a youtube of Sebi and he’s still running in a sort of bubble over a treadmill which reduces the weight so he’s still managing that Achilles (fine win in Samorin mind)
Lange is a Kona beast who usually does not perform outside of the big one - and his domestique is not racing but predicted heat must swing things back in his favour.

However in a stunning upset I’m backing Skipper to come through and beat them all. Poetic justice for that European championship 800m (or 1500?) race years ago where Coe and Ovett were busy watching/marking each other and some unknown German charged through and nicked the win…


They’ve changed the run course…so you now get a whopping 700m of shade per lap :see_no_evil::rofl:

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They did that in 2015.

It did help somewhat as there was an extra aid station as well

Water Temperature today is 24.2 degrees. It went up 0.5 degrees yesterday. Unless they get a storm with some cold rain, it looks like no wetsuit.

Just had a bonus.

Went to check my hotel booking and the Scandic (just opposite the Intercontinental) was suddenly way cheaper than when I booked the Mecure, including breakfast :slight_smile:

The start list is immense.
Sounds like those Kona slots are gonna roll way way down.

Kienle for the win. Followed closely by Frodo. Skipper in third a little bit back.

Who is actually doing Roth next week (I guess Skipper might be?)

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Is this race the Euro champs ?

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Or the German Champs :rofl:

Come on Joe…!?

He is still racing…?!

Temperature is 25.4 degrees today and no rain or cold weather in sight. :hot_face: And there was me not bothering with swim training…


Non wetsuit…the IMJers are fooked! But hang-on, didn’t they spend all off-season swimming in a swimsuit? Sorry, you say you didn’t swim much?