Ironman Frankfurt - 2nd July 2023

In case anyone needs it




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Is queuing up at the venue the day after the race to sign-up for the next year’s race still a thing? :roll_eyes: :rofl:


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No active fee that way


That was always a big thing at Roth?

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It used to be queuing up to volunteer at the event so you could then queue up to enter the next year!

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So was the new bike course better despite being 2K over? Funkster got something like 1600m ascent but I can’t remember if you said your Garmin isn’t very accurate.

Doubt I’ll go back but the swim was good and I also liked the multi-lap run.

There were A LOT of bike splits starting with a 4

I’ll check what the head into recorded and see what it comes back with


Über biking continental folks?

Great surface?


Mixture of all three?

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I had 1610m gain and 182.6km

I think the improvement in aero positions, front ent integration, race suit fitting/quality, favourable temperatures early on and relatively low wind are the reasons in my opinion.

For example my power was waaaaayyyy down like around 180ap and 190np at 67kg for obvious reasons which are now clear but due to suit, position and front end I was able to still do 5:20 with 3-4 mins on side of road as well

It’s a fast course but also an honest course IMO. I dunno about others but I had a Marshall with my part of race for around 70 percent of race


Well after 3 years of trying to race there I’m back
Entered and tried to not look at the price. Ouch.
I’m in the 60 yr old category so that makes it easier yeah.


I’m still waiting for my email link

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Mine arrived about 20 mins ago

You are kidding me???


I got a priority email earlier :grimacing:

But I’m sure I said never again after Hamburg :nauseated_face:

Out of interest how does Austria compare these days? In 2019 only 9 M50’s went sub 10, and although that wouldn’t be the target I expected a few more?


Umm…seeing as everyone had such a great time again…ah, no.

I thought they’d sent it to me in error again, but looks like I can register. €609 +9.25% wecantbearsedissuingtickets fee.

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Still not got mine