IRONMAN Hamburg - Rumble in the M45 Jungle

Following on from the Legacy site…

So I have Jorgan, Mattsurf, JeffB, Bespoke & tuckandgo. That’s a pretty good turnout for TT these days in a branded Euro IM!

I’ve managed to get up to 2K swimming :grin: around 1:10 pace, hopefully that will come down when I actually start trying.

Could do with running a bit further though quite soon.


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Now that we are beginning to get into the season, I am thinking that I may have taken on too many events.

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Are we on here now? I think I may have missed something :roll_eyes:

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I need to start thinking about accommodation and transport, although might give it a few more weeks to see how the knee holds up before I pick up the distances.

I was going to drive & get the Hull-Rotterdam ferry, but not sure if this is going to be post-Brexit and need insurance cards etc. and don’t you need a pass for most German cities these days, although I sneaked into Frankfurt a few years ago without one.


WW2 ended in 1945 - no ‘passes’ required in German cities in my experience :yum: I’m going to take a chance, and predict Brexit will not happen before 28 July.

I did turn-down the opportunity to buy a €20 day licence at Registration, assuming that was a rip-off if you have a BTF licence which covers you for racing overseas!

What’s the accommodation plot looking like at the moment? I have Crowne Plaza & Steigenburger as TT basecamps so far…

Lol, no, these are environmental passes that you need to take cars, particularly diesel into cities, although I’ve now read something that implies there’s only a couple of roads in Hamburg where they are required. green badges.

Although I’m likely to fly instead and use Nirvana for my bike, why did I buy a P5!


Ah yes those; I still have my green ‘4’ badge in the window. It’s like an “I served in Germany” sticker on a UK car.

I’m in the Ibis Hamburg Alster Centrum, pretty close to Crown Plaza, and a short walk to IM venue

I am either going by train or driving

If Hercule Poirot is booked on the train, I’d take the car.

Still nervous about this, no serious running yet, managed 11k on Saturday without much pain but could feel it getting tight.
Cycling and swimming seem to be getting back a bit, have been looking at flights though which is a plus


I know, it’s May now. Which means it’s June next…and then July!

12 weeks on Sunday, and at least 2 week taper means about 10 weeks of training?


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Stop that, right now!

I need to knuckle down after this long Sprint on Sunday; start the OW swimming, longer runs regularly and (groan) long TT bike rides. The first two should be fairly easy to fit in, the latter a bit more of a battle.

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Ha, yes I’m using it as motivation to actually do some training myself, wish the weather would pick up though.

Mini training weekend next week as I’m in the lakes with the drinking\running club, albeit I’ll probably be doing a long bike ride on the Saturday (weather permitting).

Bit cold to be jumping in Ullswater yet though.

You’ve had plenty in the bank so far.


Not sure if it got mentioned on the old thread but the bike course appears to be 183k, so probably another 5 minutes. If you are borderline sub-10 you might need to factor in a bit more training :frowning:

Unless they chop 5 minutes off the swim, that would be nice.


Hmm yes, that’s a fair chunk of extra distance on the bike. I wonder why they’ve done that. Anyone within 6-7 mins of their goal time should feel robbed :roll_eyes:

I’ve done a couple that are 181km (Outlaw and Regensburg iirc). I’ll have to clip all the apexes :upside_down_face:

I just went through Strava looking for people who did the event last year.

This guy seems to have done the 4th fastest bike split in AG45-49, with a 4:40:32 according to his strava 178.78km

IM Hamburg Bike leg

The bike course has been changed since last year; in fact it has changed slightly all 3 years I think. This year sees the return of the bridge, hence the added distance I suspect. That linked route doesn’t go down into the Port area, and the out & back is further from Hamburg.

110m of climbing in that Strava file - that can’t be right!?

OK, so just downloaded Google Maps File, converted to GPX and Uploaded into Garmin Connect - each lap is showing as 92.75km, with 116m elevation… so I guess it is long