IRONMAN Hamburg - Rumble in the M45 Jungle

Yikes, that would make it 185km, I did Maastricht the first year it ran and it was 185km, and I went bang after the first lap :frowning:

Official website says 91.5km/lap :thinking:

Here is the GPX I created based on the course downloaded from IM web site.

IM Hamburg Bike Leg

I made the better half watch TravelMan in Hamburg on Friday.
She wasn’t impressed with what they showed of it, apart from the cocktail bar.

Definitely not a sell for me.

Bizarre that a course with an out & back can’t be the correct distance! Maybe they will address this on the day, by moving a few cones! Maybe we should start an Online campaign now, and ask them why it’s so inaccurate. Nearly 6km extra appears to be a lot of unnecessary ‘error’.

There appears to be a lot of “loops” - I suspect that when they created the course, Google is forcing the route to follow the correct one way system, however, on the day we will make some illegal left turns and ride the wrong way up one way streets… one point in particular appears to have bike crossing at an intersection, which would be carnage

I suspect that you’re right in your thinking there. Now we just need to convince them to move the cone on the out & back road - 750m back towards Hamburg (doesn’t sound a lot put that way).

It will still be outrageously quick; 3-5km long on super smooth roads and no elevation?
Vs Bolton et al
Not even close…

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So long as one of you is there to help me with the Helix reverse zipper if I choose to wear it :slightly_smiling_face:

Long?! :unamused:
I’ve never had a course measure as long on the actual day.
Almost always 179.xx km, 178 if your luck is in.

There were a couple of bits where you went down private roads I think and a couple of brick cobble sections, but they might have been taken out this year.

Less than 11 weeks :nauseated_face:

I’ve been doing some Google Maps recon, to try and find a suitable route to get a shakedown ride done. Not easy! If I can get down to where the course goes over a small bridge onto an island, it’s probably good from there. Thursday evening is probably a good time, once the traffic has subsided.

Also searching for supermarkets & cafes/restaurants. I don’t want to be farting about the days before the event trying to find somewhere to eat, like in Frankfurt. I arrive on the Wed night, so should have a good feel for the local amenities by Fri/Sat.

The out of town bit by the river was quite useful, roads might be quiet later on.

Vaguely recall there was a shopping centre with food outlets and a supermarket right outside where the swim starts and I think transition is, the road opposite and facing the Alster had a lot of restaurants, probably busy around race day though.


Yeah, just need to get down to this bridge, then all quiet I think; from cars at least.

Has anyone got a down/up loadable file of this years bike course? I wanted to upload it to Best Bike Split (BBS). Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

The one already on BBS is last years, and as we know, it’s been different every year so far!

Someone will put it up eventually I reckon. There’s already a 2019 version, but it’s just 1 loop. Why someone would just upload that, I have no idea!

Right, so who’s actually down for this, I’ve lost count since the old site…


Early days, but if anyone wants to meet-up before or after the race then I’m game. Happy to go for food, meet for a swim or whatever; maybe talk about Poet when he’s not there etc.

I also generally allow myself a beer or two on the Thursday night, even one on the Friday. I PB’d on that strategy back in the day :upside_down_face:

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:rofl: I wondered if you’d pick that up; excellent.

There are still slots - could/should be a PB course for a man in your position!

I looked.
Then we watched TravelMan in Hamburg, with Bob Mortimer that week.
SWMBO didn’t like the look of it.

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