Ironman Ireland Cork 2020-23

So, who’s up for this?

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Stick a Cork in it :wink:

Going the way of Galway, I’d assume.

But what about the craic? Soaking up the atmosphere whilst you push your bike thorough the crowds.

You’ll be soaking something up.

The atmosphere from the crowds looks pretty good, to be fair.
Apart from the camera cutting away from AB and BM during the pass, all other footage I saw was decent.

People did not have the correct gearing for that 21% hill. At all.

Well, as we know swimming is shit. So i’m well up for getting my KQ! :lying_face:


Yeah, I’m sure they never mentioned Windmill Hill in the bike course description…much :roll_eyes: I suppose the issue for many might be the back wheel spinning in the wet, when out of the saddle. Anything over 15% in an Ironman, and you want to be using a real granny gear to save the run legs. I would imagine a 50/34 should be the natural choice on that course for most; heck I’ve put a 50t Q Ring on my TT bike - it is ideal for me on rolling roads around here; kept the round 36 on it. The 50T gives me a nice chainline on a 12-23.

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Any poor swimmer looking for KQ it’s a must. (if it happens…)

Chances are the weather won’t be as bad as that again; but a shortened swim must be a decent chance any year and I’d imagine lots of folk will have seen that yesterday and thought ‘not me pal’, which may make KQ softer.

As a KQ gamer (albeit a failed one…) any year’s race impacts the next. After the brutal 2017 Tenby, 2018 was, in my AG anyway, soft. When any AG looks ‘soft’ chances are it will be nails next year as half a dozen chasers will rock up thinking they’re in with a shout.


The flip-side of that is that the weather might be bad but not quite bad enough to cancel the swim and any weak swimmers are not going to make it out of the water alive :astonished:

What would Ivan Drago say?

All joking aside; if you’re a poor/lazy swimmer then don’t enter an Ironman with a sea swim. Just ask Riptide Jennings.


Fixed that for you :rofl:


Yeah, but people want the tattoo…

Seeing that just had me thinking if anyone is going to be walking around with a Cote d’Ivoire MDot tattoo this week?

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Signed up for this for 2020 I need to stay local next year and it fits round work. I am thinking it can’t be as bad weather as this year.

Sell your wetsuit and get some waterproofs!
Stick at it!

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Use this for the bike and run IM Ireland cycle jersey

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Did anyone do this year’s race? How much climbing on the bike, the website looks like it’s about 2000M.

I’m going to sound a bit stupid here but I didn’t actually realise it wasn’t in Cork :rofl:, it’s not quite as bad as calling IM Calella\IM Barcelona though, I suppose how would you say you’ve done IM Youghal


It’s in County Cork, hence the marketing.

It is in Cork!

So course changes announced today, swim is a single lap but not obvious whether it’s changed location, from where it should have been last year!

Bike loses ~200m of ascent, I’m guessing the road surfaces are a bit crap though?

Run is 4 laps, but if it is 240M of climbing that’s not flat for an Ironman run.

Says it starts at 7am as well now?

Anyone actually signed up?


I have signed up for 2020 as probably my big race day next year. I didn’t do this years but loads from my club did being from Belfast. I have cycled a couple of times in the area it’s beautiful sport but the roads are a bit crap.

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