Ironman Ireland Cork 2020-23

Possibly pencilling this in for next year’s event, has anyone actually done it yet with all of the covid cancellations?

They only tan it once didn’t they pre covid - and the swim was cancelled as the weather was so shite? Brownlee won it? :thinking:


Wasn’t too sure, could have gone to their results page if I’d been a bit less lazy!

Yes, fairly sure that’s correct, wonder if people will have deferred to 2023?

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Just had a look at the start list for 2022 and it’s pretty long so assuming a lot of deferrals on there. Possibly the smallest host village on the IM circuit?


It has the only date available between my kids birthdays over the summer holidays but I can’t inspire the mrs with a holiday in Ireland. Personally I’ve always wanted to visit Cork, and I’d imagine the crac is great before and after.


Yeah, unless you have family over there or are American, I don’t see the appeal. Seems like one of the riskier options on the calendar.

Somewhere I’ve not done before, accommodation is the biggest issue to rub out that pencilled in part. Don’t really fancy the german ones, some I’ve haven’t done are a PITA to get to and a couple I just don’t fancy, we shall see…

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Just asked mrs what week to book off work :innocent:

Phase 1 :white_check_mark: