Ironman Italy

Ironman Italy cancelled ?

Is this correct

It’s months away …!?

Have I been pranked?!

All sport in Italy has been cancelled until April I think. So may well be true. But seems a bit far out.

Just had a message similar to yours…
Guy … Italian saying it’s off, others saying what you said …

Big row… you know the rest … lol

Could be a strange year …!

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Isn’t it in September? Seems rather premature to make that call, given how it’s played-out in China.

Six months away? I’m not sure Italy is planning for a six month long quarantine. I’d expect it to be in play up to three months but beyond that is too far out to predict,and I’m sure they’re not saying.

Bonus question: how will covid 19 affect KQ chances? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Everyone transferring to Bolton :rofl:


…assuming Kona will take place this year :sweat_smile:

From a surfing perspective, being trapped in Hawaii wouldn’t be bad (although the waves aren’t great in Oct). From a $$, ouch!

Places rolled to 12/13 in my AG last year :wink:

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…hmm, fly to Hawaii now and hope for the borders to close?

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First i’d seen of this, where has it been published? My mate and I are in for the 70.3 with the FIL doing the full, all the family going out

After @Mungo2 posted yesterday I had a look on Facebook and saw it mentioned in a few of the Ironman journey groups. Completed unfounded I believe.


Probably someone trying to wind-up the IMJ crowd?

I see Austria has just banned all outdoor gatherings of >500 people. If this thing is around for a while then I can see quite a few races getting cancelled. I doubt if the organisers will wait until the last minute before pulling the plug.

I just cannot see VLM going ahead.

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I think Bath’alf is still going on this weekend at the moment. That’s a pretty big one - not cheltenham/VLM big obvs

VLM must be 6 weeks or so away, so it’s highly likely that more restrictions will be in place by then. If it was in the next couple of weeks then I’d say it would definitely happen, but by late April we could find we’re in anItaly situation.

Deputy CMO reckons peak infected rate in two weeks, if it declines from there it could go ahead…so there’s a chance anyway.

I’m considering a treadmill/Zwift Run marathon for Brighton :grinning::exploding_head:

Even if we go into ‘lockdown’ a la Italy, we still have Zwift :upside_down_face: Given we live in a village, I’d also go running around the local bridleways/Cotswold way; it’s unlikely I’d catch anything off a distant sheep or tree. I barely see another soul at 8am on a Sunday as it is.