Ironman Lanzarote 2019

Rather you than me, with that wind…

Tell us your favourite volcano or camel story here…

looks like about 1600 entries up to today closing date ,which seems to be the norm lately

take away 10% none starters ,shouldn,t be over crowded

That’s enough to make sure you don’t get lonely, and it feels like a training ride!

Hi all, I’m in.

Taking my road bike as there is so much climbing, I’m going to be out there a long time and I’d rather see the roadie broken in transit than my tri bike.

Looking for a sleeved bike or tri top, and an aero road helmet with loads of vents…!

I took my roadie instead of the TT bike last year because the weather over the winter was so bad that I just didn’t get the opportunity to ride the TT bike and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to hold the aero position for the whole ride.

I felt pretty smug on the climb up the donkey track right at the start as I was passing everyone on their TT bikes, but as soon as the long descent towards El Golfo began, it felt like I’d taken a knife to a gun fight. I was riding a Venge with 64mm rims, so about as aero as I could get on a roadie and I just couldn’t keep up with the TT bikes on most of the descents and the flatter sections.

Despite the climbing, I think the TT bike is always going to be faster overall (as long as you can maintain the aero position for most of the ride)


I don’t get the draw of this race at all!
The island is lovely, but I wouldn’t want to do an Iron distance race there, it’s so windy and hot.

For me it was a few things;

  • time of year, the alternative is Brazil which is a very long, expensive family trip for me.
  • price, flights and accommodation are cheap
  • reputation

But the reasons I didnt want to do it are the same as you state…it’s a toughie.

Well the flights seemed cheap until I just tried to book em!

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Anyone else here going?

The bike course aid station nutrition has me scratching my head slightly.

It seems 700ml Coke is provided at every station instead of traditional energy drinks.

Fuel available at stations varying 14-29km apart, alternating either fuel bars or bananas, not both.

I don’t usually take caffeine until the run is underway, and I’m not that keen on carrying bananas.

Maybe I’m overthinking it, but dehydration and undernutrition are my biggest weaknesses so I want to at least plan it right.

There’s a huge MPro entry this year, with 40 athletes listed. I’m sure that’s more than they usually get and there’s a few big names in there too. I can’t imagine that they’re paying out big appearance money at an independent race, so I guess they’ve all decided that it’s a good time to race to build form for later in the season.

not long now. I can’t wait. last big bike/run brick yesterday Am, and now it’s time to taper. Best of luck to all TTers going. May the sea be calm, may you not suffer mechanicals on the bike and may your running legs be swift.


I think keep sipping water steadily and have a bit of coke from each aid station. I will also carry a couple of energy bars and a small bag of haribos peach sweets on bike. on the run I will clamp down on the drink a bit (as I over hydrated last time and felt sea sick) and mainly swirl and spit… that leaves more room for the pint(s) at the finish line… :grinning::sweat_smile:

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been struggling with injury all year and plan and was ok with that to just see how the day went and if no good pull the plug,now at weekend started with bloody chesty cough and honestly the straw that broke the camels back

we booked bike and suitcase combined weight 55kg , if i decide just to have a holiday and not to take bike can i still take the more than 23kg allowed for suitcase ,in theroy i paid for 55kg could i take say 30kg in one case

pi$$ed off is an under statement

What on earth are you planning on taking, your own sunlounger? :laughing:

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I could take my wife and full kit and still be under that allowance, though she’d be pretty pissed off once I’d unpacked her.

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i usually stuff alot of bulking items like shoes and trainers etc in bike bag ,but if not taking bike case will weigh more :wink:

I think that there is a max weight limit per bag, 28kg??? so you may need to take 2 bags

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32kg is the standard max. That’s the allowance on BA Club, and is the allowance you get if you pay for a bike box on easyjet

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u think they wil allow 2 bags rather than bike & bag ,as don,t want to pay anymore

Who are you flying with?

wife :wink: