Ironman Lanzarote 2019

Put the extra in a bike bag instead of the bike?

Your wife weighs about 35kg? Are you Bill Wyman?

She’s my Mandy alright

Great race to do once, for the epic bike ride. As @Whisk says, TT bike essential. [For training in Lanza I take my road bike, but the wind and long road sections make me wish I’d taken the TT bike usually]. Check the Famara surf forecast for peak gust speeds, learn how deep a front rim you can handle and beware open/variable sectins like downhill into La Santa. Maximise the range of your gearing, easy enough to climb Haria into the wind but high enough to pedal the long downhills coming back south.

Why just once? Because it’s all about the bike. The sea swim you can do anywhere. The back and forth run is uninspired like most IM runs, but the beachfront cafe support is good.

Heat becomes a problem on the run if you’ve not trained for it. Not much time left for getting as hot as possible in run training, but in the 10d remaining you could usefully do a few half-hour sauna sessions. Whilst I ran in 2014 my bike Garmin recorded 37C in the sun. I used a water-retaining cap (douse at each station) and dropped ice cubes down the back of my tri-top (snug enough to trap ice in small of back). Don’t put ice under your cap, because it hurts like fsck!

In the few days beforehand I practiced tricky sections like the single-track twisty hill back down to Carmen. Worthwhile, but beware numpties stopped in the road admiring the view just after blind crests…


the downhill to la santa is no more ,changed last year !
don,t know how but they made it even tougher and its now 112 mile

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Good luck everyone racing. I’ll be signing up for next year. Assuming it goes ahead, there are rumors.

Like all bike courses :wink:

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Economy flights, added a 23kg hold bag and a bike bag each way.

Given a hold bag is cheaper than a bike box, I can’t see them worrying. Might be worth calling them to check however. If they for some reason do have an issue, then as someone else said above, you’d just have to take a bike box full of clothing, etc.

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spoke to easyjet you can change bike bag to hold bag ,however no refund & if i just turn up with 2 hold bags will get charged for extra bag !

so bike going as planned along with all other sports gear lol

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I would just assume it’s going to be hot and windy, and a bit of chore. That way, if it’s not, it will be an added physical & mental bonus :upside_down_face:

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Just bought a Castelli Free AR 4.1 FZ Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey “saves 12W at 40kph”.

I may not be doing 40, but the wind might :joy:

Now I need a helmet I won’t cook in - Bontrager Velocis 2 MIPS is front runner.

I’m not racing, but I’ve been out at Club La Santa since Sunday and I’ve ridden most of the course in bits. The temperature isn’t as high as it’s been in previous years and it’s dropped a bit over the last week and he wind has picked up a bit, but nothing crazy (for Lanza).:wink:

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Third time for me, and not planning on breaking any records and nowhere near the pointy end so going with my road bike this year, accept additional bike time but gonna try to run a sub 3.45 Mara.
If I ride my TT bike I will just smash myself …mashing the big ring off the mirador is very juicy but by the time I get back to PDC my legs are shot. So going to try to ride conservatively and run consistently.
See you soon


If the race had been today instead of next week I reckon everyone would have been talking about the epic conditions on the bike. I 've ridden here a lot and I think today was one of the windiest days I’ve ridden in here. It was crazy at times :sunglasses:. It was unusually windy overnight too, so I reckon it would have been rough on the swim course from the start as well.

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Yeah I saw 21mph on the phone and thought :roll_eyes: but I’ve changed my mind and will be shipping the tri bike instead of the roadie once I find some bubble wrap…

Hi All, really looking forward to doing this race next week!

Quick one - has anyone found a GPX file with the 2019 bike course? I can find the old one easily, but not the new one… Thanks!

If you are planning on doing a recce, the course is sign posted already

Ah excellent, thanks Whisk.

Anyone up for a spin on Wednesday late morning/lunchtime? I will be going out from PdC and doing the first 60km or so heading West and then back to PdC…