Ironman Switzerland

Well, as I’m going, I might as well start a thread.

Good luck, since I am local, please feel free to ask any questions regarding the event / accommodation etc. Switzerland can seem really expensive, its never going to be cheap, but lots you can do to make it more economical.

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Hi Matt. That’s brilliant, thank you!

We’ve booked a small apartment in the centre of town so should be a fairly easy journey to the transition area and the expo. Very much looking forward to it.:grinning:

Thinking about going in for this but its only a couple of months after Lanzarote. Last time in Zurich?

That’s right.

2 months should be enough recovery time

Yeah, that’s the theory :+1: :wink:

I was looking for just a half, but I’ve always though this event looked good and I have an old friend out there I need an excuse to visit…so the stars may be aligning.

Sign up man; you know you want to.:ok_hand:

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CH will be nice/scenic. But the action’s in Hamburg :wink:

The upside of a doddering ride at Lanza is that I felt physically great the whole day apart from some nausea…four days of doing nothing and I’m already thinking I could do Switzerland. :man_facepalming: What could go wrong? :sweat_smile:

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Absolutely nothing. See you on the start line?

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You may well find that Lanza was really good training for CH; I’ve had my best HIMs off the back of an Ironman about 6-8 weeks prior. Just keep the training going once you’ve recovered. I find the more of the marathon you were able to run, the longer recovery takes :upside_down_face:

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Yeah once my backside heals it’ll just be the run volume that will be difficult to resurrect. Switzerland has a flat run course (+40m) compared to Lanza (+335m). I’ll try to get up to 4h/week before the taper starts, the longest run (run/walk) 2.5hrs probably.

Any previous on how quickly Switzerland sells out?

I’d like to at least start training before committing, maybe in two weeks time?

Am I doing something wrong or is IMCH really £650 compared to U.K. £460? (Plus active fee :roll_eyes: )

I went with instalments. Wasn’t 460 but not quite as expensive as it obviously is now. Like most things, I haven’t told Mrs Wheezy the real cost of most of this.

I think you’re saying “yes, it really is £190 more than U.K.”… :sweat_smile:

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Think that’s bad, wait until you buy a coffee in Zurich.


Dude, Switzerland is a rip off. End.

You need to come to terms with that now. Sterling being pants has obviously exacerbated it.

Not sure the Swiss would agree. Basically anything that requires service is expensive due to cost of labor. Restaurants are particularly expensive as Switzerland has quotas on imported farm produce, so most ingredients are Swiss: farming on the side of a mountain, where labor costs £25 an hour makes it expensive, but quality is great. However, if you rent a self catering apartment, they are not expensive relative to any other big city in Europe, Supermarkets are expensive, but not rediculous (Lavazza coffee is actually cheaper than uk). Many items, like electronics are cheaper than UK, due to low Vat and trade agreement with China. Public transport is expensive, but no one in Switzerland pays full fare, I think that you can get a Halb Tax card for a limited time, which gives half price fares.

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True, but that’s like people who live in the Middle East thinking 30 degrees isn’t hot :slight_smile: