Ironman Switzerland

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I’m pretty sure a) you realise that views other than your own can be valid, and b) you actually have the humility to acknowledge when you might be wrong, or have offended someone.

Just over three weeks to go and I’ve tweaked my calf, again, on a run yesterday morning. Well, at least that makes it easy for me and no running until the big day. Just means I need to focus on swim / run going into the taper. Starting to get quite excited.

Better practice NWS swim, lake is currently 25. It’s so warm, like swimming in soup

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Just created an account here :wave:

I’m doing IM Zurich too, looking forward to it - but not looking forward to how hot it could be! Went out for a 100km bike and 10km run on Saturday and the run was not pretty.

Anyone know what the run course like in terms of shade/heat?


@Fraser. Nice one. :+1:. Not sure but planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

I live in Zurich and did the event last year.

At the moment we are experiencing the same brutally hot weather as much of Europe, however, it can be really changeable, so no guessing what it will be like on the day.

Given the current lake temp (27 degrees) I would plan for a non wetsuit swim, however, a bit of rain and the lake temp will drop significantly

On the run, the first 2 km are in full sun, then there is 1km in the shade, followed by a nasty 1km section where you run down the street, with tall white buildings on either side reflecting the sun directly onto the runners, the next 6km have large sections of shade with a couple of short bits in full sun, repeat 4 times

Zurich is a pretty open city, and most of the run is along the lake, so there are no “heat Traps”, if there is a little bit of a breeze it will make the run much more pleasant

Last year it reached a max of 33 degrees, but the average temp was 30, see chart below of temperature on my run

it felt hot, but there was only the one really bad bit. Aid stations are every 1 km, lots of ice and sponges available - as long as you keep yourself wet it isn’t too bad.

Last summer was particularly hot across Europe, however, in Switzerland it was probably 2-3 degrees cooler on average than most big cities

There is not a lot of shade on the bike, however, it doesn’t tend to reach max temperature until 4pm, so unlikely to be an issue


That’s super helpful - thank you!

I’m hoping it cools down a little bit but as @wheezy said planning for the worst.

First one? Any targets / plans?

3rd! But first one I’m hoping to “race”. Other two were Nice and Lanzarote and that was just getting to the finish line. I think I’ve actually been lucky that both of those two were unseasonably cool so the hot weather has worried me more than usual.

I’m aiming for sub-11 as that smashes my previous best of 13:14 in Nice.

How about you? Are you starting to taper now?

Identical fella. 3rd time for me and also aiming for sub 11. (See the Sub11 thread :grinning:). TBH, I felt this hot weather holds, I’ll just be looking to get round but hoping to pace the bike so I can do a sub4 run. That was the plan and hopefully should be doable.

Long range forecast has Zurich in the high 20s, UK outlook for July is considering the possibility of another heatwave at the end of the month.

In short, it’s unlikely to be a cool one.

I have permission but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Got back on the bike yesterday so would be in peak condition in three weeks obvs. :roll_eyes:. Probably make a decision at the end of the week if I’ve shown consistent training.

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Awesome! Might spot you on the run then :+1: I’ll be the one absolutely caked in suncream :joy:

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Not tapering. TBH, at 10-11 hrs/week there’s not a lot to taper from.

Last long bike this Sunday but will also do a couple of social 50s, to keep the legs ticking over.

No running now before IMCH as I’ve got a calf strain, so lots of icing and gentle stretching. Just need to ensure it doesn’t go on the day.

Will keep on swimming as normal, but try to get a couple of OW swims in each week and will have a go at some without a wettie.

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I see the bike has been shortened by 5km with a bit of extra climbing thrown in per the athlete guide


What’s the distance now then? It would still be around 180 judging by many of the Euro events.

Apparently 175km bike (so not a full IM according time ha ha) looks like another couple hundred meters climbing

If it’s >35 degrees, we’ll give you a pass.

That might just be enough to offset a NWS. #clutchingatstraws

Where did you see this posted?