Ironman Switzerland

So similar to Bolton last year then…?!

It’s in the athlete guide

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Found it. Cheers. :+1:

I did this almost 10 yrs ago; was my first ever IM and a total journey into the unknown
Weather was shocking; I spent 10 mins in T1 putting warm gear on thinking I was going way up into the mountains !

I remember the bike course as being nice, if not amazing - maybe on a nice day the views are better than I saw?!
I assume the road surface is amazingly quick?

Okay @wheezy @Fraser @Matthew_Spooner I’m in.

@Jorgan We’ll see how much training for Lanza carries over, after six weeks piddling about but I put in 11hrs training last week and felt pretty good.

See you at the start line :+1::sunglasses:



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I compared both routes using Best Bike Split with the exact same setup and despite the 5km reduction, because it’s a cheeky climb it didn’t have any effect on my overall time. :man_shrugging:

On another note, what’s the best source for Lake temps? I’ve seen a few sources suggesting its gone down a few degree. Not that I’m getting ahead of myself!

Obviously it depends where they measure on race weekend. But here:

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Can I ask which route on BBS you used for the new course?

I’ve got “ Ironman Switzerland 2019 - official”

Distance 177.55 km
Effective Elevation + 1,477 / - 1,461 m

I’m going to try again at using bbs on course. Hopefully it will function this time…

I’m not sure what the cucumber is meant to indicate, but I like it.

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I uploaded one, using the GPX from the Ironman official site but I can’t post links. You should be able to find it if you append /public-course192250 to the BBS website URL.

I’m torn between actually using it on the course or just using the cheatsheet taped to my top tube. It seems a dark art to get working on the Garmin.

as cool as ?

Pretty ironic for the Swiss!

@Fraser. cheers. I think it’s just me that’s struggling. Garmin support said “try it again” after IM Lanza :roll_eyes::rofl:

I’ve used it numerous times. Never an issue in a triathlon.
Follow the BBS settings for your Edge. Turn the Garmin on (with auto power down switched off), calibrate power meter etc, load the course, select no when it asks you to navigate to the start, go swim, mount your bike, press start on the edge.

Connect IQ data field shows BBS target.

It’s worked for me on TT’s, Ironman Copenhagen, ETU Middle Ibiza, 70.3 Bahrain, 70.3 Elsinore, etc.

Other than hitting start, everything is done before the race. I think on one TT I maybe had a problem where it was just showing “Beg w” for the first km or so, and I just needed to “stop navigation”, and then reselect the course and load it up again. Did all that on the move without any issue and was fine from there on

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That’s actually pretty cool
How much does it vary; for instance say target NP was 240w; does it move around loads on flattish courses?
And I am not sure if thats a good thing or does it get distracting? Sometimes you just want to get into a rhythm and ride; having a target power jumping all over the place could be distracting?
or is it amazing?!

Depends on the course. It’s just applying the basic principles of the print out “cheat sheet” to the terrain dynamically. It’s not jumping every second.

If you take a look at my final 70.3 Elsinore plan ( and scroll to the bottom and expand the “race intervals” section, that’s how frequently it’s changing on the connect IQ field. Like with a route, you also get advanced notifications of upcoming changes. So in 90k, it changed 79 times. Might sound like a lot but they’re generally minor, and there’s streaks of segments that are multiple km long…

I just use it as a guide. Helps me to not get carried away and push big watts on descents, as BBS shows that’s an effective waste of energy in time saving terms. If you read my IM Copenhagen blog post from last year, I talk about how I just didnt feel great on the bike so ignored my original targets and only biked 0.67 IF. But I was still able to use the BBS targets/changes to guide that new effort level (all worked out well as I ran great!)

Bib number 1566

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Any tips on places to stay? I like to walk to the start :wink:

I’m sure a man of your calibre can walk a long way…

Top tip - don’t walk 5k in flip flops to the swim start. Blisters before the race starts is just showing off.

I’ll be walking even further than that, the engine in my Porsche seized last night. So much for cruising around Lake Como after the race :cry: