Ironman Tulsa Live - SPOILERS

Go Yankee Joe!


This could be a great race.

I’m Facebook live isn’t it?

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Yeah Bakkegard is leading the swim by a ways at the moment but he may have decided to ease up and let the front pack catch him

I’m on “taxi” duty this afternoon taking my daughter to the city for drama classes so I’ll probably hole up in a pub to watch the bike

Obviously pulling for Skipper, perhaps not so obviously hoping Lange shuts up the Americans :wink:


On there now


I heard there’s something wrong with Skippers tracker BTW, on FB

I just read Adam Bowden is making his LC debut. How’s he getting on?

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10th place I just saw :muscle: - surprised to see his name there, especially as I just heard on GTN that he’s racing every ITU event in the hopes of earning the Olympic slot Alistair is dangling.


Ryf going gun to tape by the looks…


Oliveira first out of the water, but otherwise…yeah!

Fastest on the bike by some way.

Work to do for Skipper around 30th but with Long so a decent buddy to start chasing down the front…

Lange nestled among the leaders.


Wet wet wet!

Costa’s visits the floor, ouch.

If we have to race Bolton in these conditions it will be like a disaster movie on the bike.

Bodies everywhere !

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Skipper’s made up 5 places from there, towing Long with him.

Is he out or back in the saddle?

Back on

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Kate Matthews :uk: up to 7th, Kimberley Morrison :uk: up to 3rd

Three athletes stopped at the Penalty tent!

Word that Skipper crashed on a turn but is back on it too.


Skipper only 3m30s back from Anghert leading, think Lange is the (usually) better runner though.


Yeah, doesn’t look like the off caused any serious issues. Costes also had a fall earlier on, but still in the front pack.

If they maintain the gap to T2 looks like Lange should be good for the win.

What is going on with Florian Angert’s aero position?..looks really uncomfortable (maybe a bit related to the Ventum frame).

Probably fell off as he’s so used to turning into the penalty tent, he got confused… :joy:


All mixed up messages at T2, not sure what was going on but think someone was in a penalty - the main players are chasing down Lange as below but I think it’s Lange’s to lose despite him being in 3rd I think.


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