IronMan UK Bolton 2022 - July 3rd

‘Your My Favorite’ :sweat_smile:

I am in, with some kind of priority entry link or other.
Regular entries for numpTs are not yet available but will be soon
How chuffin much!! :grimacing:

I personally hope the bike course isn’t emasculated (ooh big word for making it less hilly), as the ‘rewarding’ :roll_eyes: course out Bury way is a classic :heart_eyes:

Who’s in? Is Poet bringing his tub disc again :sweat_smile:


Entries straight in at tier 3?

probably or maybe 4 now?? as it came to £501 FGS after Active added their hefty cut :grimacing: :grimacing:

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Tubular front, too.

No prior issues at all :+1:t3:

I won’t be there for that price :raised_hand:t5::stop_sign:

Bike course looks like it’ll be the same as this year, hopefully with less casualties

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yes I almost choked on my reduced sandwich

and less NumpTs :stuck_out_tongue:


Been thinking about this… Alot.

I’m in through deferral, crash, X-rays, Ill health , everything bar alien abduction in the month before.

If I feel the way I do now, I won’t do it.

Swim progression at my age and limited ability is rare, but was very welcome and I did some very good runs in the last few months, which more importantly felt … easy ish.

I detest that bike course.

I really really don’t feel safe on it, and that’s in the dry.

Too much turbo work, Oulton park, same continuous 6 mile loop that I train on… probably.

I’ll need a fraken bike of epic proportions to do that race.

I just basically have zero confidence cycling outside anymore … sad but true.


I’m 90% doing this. No Cork or Wales as they’ll have full fields of deferrals. Travel will still be dodgy I think - so Outlaw or this if I want branded/KQ possibility.

Priority link expires in 5 days, decision by then.


Will you have to validate Kona again?
I thought you’d deferred to 2022?

qualifying at Bolton would be for 2022, not 2023.

Not for me, but good chance of being in for 2023

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