IronMan UK Bolton 2023 - July 2nd

who’s in?

£450 + 9% active robbery

I have a priority entry link, but my entry name seems uneditable as Mack Genfell?? Anyone else?


I have a deferral from last year so definitely IN.


Waiting for Blackpool to open instead :joy:


hard luck :rofl:

I’ve got a priority link and in my name so not sure what’s going on there @Toyota_Crown

I’m definitely not doing it. I loved it and would love racing there again but I’m looking for a nice , flatter course next year


sub 10
sub 10
sub 10


In the UK?
Without an asterisk next to it?

There can be only one…

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Yeah either that one or somewhere in Europe that I can get the other half on board with!

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I might be in the UK :sweat_smile:

ETA: I also have priority link. Wondered why - realise it’s because I have event credit from Staffs 2020 I’d given up on/forgotten about when left UK.
If that can’t roll to 2024 I might actually consider it. Coming back for friends wedding 2 weeks earlier, planned to just come back for few days but hmmmm


Updated links sent out for priority entry.



The flight is nuts.
Took me about 3 days to feel okay again.

LakesMan? Outlaw? TriBourne?(Eastbourne) there’s loads of flatter ones in UK, all good and these are v.well organised.

Or Roth in Yerp!

I’ve got my deferral link to use from this year.
However…when I went to sign up the registration form makes it mandatory that I agree that Nirvana can send me promotional emails etc. WTAF!?!
Has anyone else had this?
I’m normally pretty casual about that sort of stuff but I absolutely object to having to agree that they can sell on my details just so I can do their race.
I’ve contacted them asking that they remove this stipulation but not heard back yet.


My Mrs is going back to the UK for 80 hours in November, with 30hour flights each way travelling. Plus she lands in London and then needs to make it up norf, so really she’ll spend 70 hours travelling for 70 hours in the North.

I suspect she’ll enjoy the time in the UK, and hate the next fortnight back in Aus (tired/jetlag/emotional/homesick).

Will wait to see how she copes before we think if it can be done again next year!


That it just nuts! :grimacing:


yes same for me. its stoopid.

Just signed my deferral link, just went to check out and noticed pre purchased Sportograf photos, only £59.99 were in my basket.

I certainly didn’t knowingly add that, so maybe active were being a bit naughty….anyway duly removed and I’m in.


yes they were pre-opted in, and you had to opt out FGS! Tsk! there should be a law against this sort of practice!!

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remember there are no morals with males made of steel

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Yep, I had that too. Got a response from them about the Nirvana thing with them promising to immediately opt me out once I’d registered but I still had to tick the box to get my slot (and then had to remove the photos from the basket).
Utterly cretinous behaviour