Ironman Virtual Racing

Ooh, Strava might be worried :joy:

Soooooo…as we predicted, its a feature lite training log, with a few league tables. Neat. Sure it’ll be a raging success for a few days until its riven with cheating. :thinking:

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hah hah hah… didn’t take me long to find epic fail #1… “In order to compete for and earn points, your activity must be validated by a GPS enabled, heart rate tracking device”

shame that a full third of the planet are training indoors for the next few weeks…

I’ve registered for the first race this weekend…I can bike indoors but I’m hoping the runs can be done on consecutive days…5k run, 90k bike, 21k run.

The challenges are done that way and the intro to Mark Allen’s challenge by Mark Allen was cool.

Do treadmill/Zwift sessions count, I wonder? I’ll see if I can find out…

i’ve scoured the FAQs, and no wiser… wording on connected apps page suggests not.

I’m sure it mentioned virtual workouts on the banner somewhere but could be wrong.

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Yes, indoor or outdoor

I don’t see the stipulation of HR, where is that?

First thing to do is find a 100k zwift race, preferably somewhere like Sand and Sequioas

That’s a cut and paste from the page where you connect to Strava

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I wonder if it’s smart enough to analyse the file and take only the 90km from a longer file…I doubt it though.

Such a race would give you the virtual draft benefits I suppose, or does the Tri bike give you the same draft benefit as a race peloton in Zwift?

Sadly I already ran today otherwise I could have completed the first challenge and seen how it handles the data transferred.

In reading online, I thought it was linked to the Rouvy tie in, and therefore required you to ride the appropriate virtual course? They talked about 70.3 Boulder being the first virtual course.

I’ve tried logging in via my IM account, but I’m now just stuck on a spinning wheel splash page. I imagine a load of people are trying to sign up right now given it’s just been announced.

Biggest draw for me will be the Pro Challenge. Yes, it’s basically watching paint dry, but I watched some esport car racing online the other day, absent any other sport to watch, so this is at least something other than netflix, netflix, netflix.

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It’s a bit clunky, switching out of the Ironman virtual club domain to sports heroes and sometimes there’s no route back.

The Rouvy thing is potentially even more interesting - 35 Ironman courses on their platform perfect for simulating the course.

I’ve synched a Zwift ride. It’s appeared in activities,but no indication the challenge I’m registered for has accepted it.

There’s fuck all advice in the help, so I’ve sent them a message.

So what is to stop someone setting their trainer at a low resistance and just spinning at 60kph for 1h30m?

If it needs to be outdoors then that (surely?) entirely defeats the point. I get running outdoors, although 21k is a bit of an ask during the current situation

Feels to me like they’ve launched it 6mths too early in a desperate attempt to be ‘doing something’… it’ll destroy it.

I’ve had a few emails from support, they think they’ve fixed it but I’m not sure they have. They don’t seem concerned it’s an indoor Zwift ride though.