Ironman Wales 2019

Anyone in? I deferred last year so really should get my act together and finally do it.

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Tick tock…

I deferred from last year so have a space will see how I feel when we get back to be honest the run in Lanza was much harder than I remembered I think I will be on the start line tho

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My 5th trip round Pembrokeshire. Stating the bleedin’ obvious, but I love the race.

Still bitter about missing Kona by 3 minutes last year though, so should be fired up…


Not got an entry but looking at Nirvana $$$

I am in. Missed this thread first time round, but surely it is time to resurrect it given the day approaches


No IM this year was planned but boy, do I miss the prospect of heading down the M4 again. It truly is a brilliant race.

Enjoy and good luck all.

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Still in, looking forward to the big day. There is nothing like this event, and I’ve done 12 of them. It’s magnificent.


It’s a shame I have a trail race in Dartmoor the weekend before, otherwise I’d come and watch. Better try and remember what my kid looks like. :laughing:

I am NOT worthy!

I raced it in 2016, with terrible gut issues (work stress related) that ran for maybe 4 weeks before the event. I lost a lot of weight and power but wanted to do the race. Somehow I finished it in something like a 12:15, but really it should have been a DNF or a DNS. But I loved the day itself so much that I went back the next year to support a friend who wanted to Kona quality. I was his Sherpa, and on the race day itself I ran something like 18 miles along the coastal trail and back so that I could meet him on the bike course at about half way to shout his time and position. It was so wet (2017) that my iPhone died (pink screen) so I had to resort to asking friends on the tracker to relay time gaps to me so that I could pop up 3 times a lap on the run and shout gaps to him. He qualified and we both were very tired. Last year I went again to support other friends and one of them also qualified. This year I am going solo, to race again, and to do the course justice. I want to go 1 hour quicker (so 11:15), and I would be delirious if I went sub 11.

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Yeah 2017 was ‘challenging’ !

Im still on course, just. had a two week break for holidays and feel like I’m back to square one. Should have been doing weekend warrior this weekend but bike in with Di2 issues … FFS should have bought a normal bike but next weekend I have the ride london to get a few organised miles in the legs. I’m still slow and fat but I really need to tick this one off after missing 2017. I spent the whole day running around watching feeling envious that i missed such a tough day. Id be happy for 18c and no wind or rain though :wink:

I spent the whole day envious of the spectators, eating chips and drinking.


I have had as much fun spectating as participating, and it was a LOT cheaper too.

There haven’t been that many IM Wales have there? Did it start around 2012?

12 IMs, just the 4 Wales. First was 2011.

12 x Wales a good target though. One of them might even have decent weather…


It has a month since Roth and I feel like I take two steps forward with training then stumble back with fatigue. I managed a big week on week 3 post Roth, and planned another big one for week 4, but I basically fell apart on the Sunday and bailed out of a 4+ hour ride after 15 minutes. I then slept for hours.

I just can’t be bothered doing the hard work on the swimming front at the moment, and I am definitely in a little bit of a mental slump. It has been 7 months of training and I think that my focus is waning.

My target for Wales is slowly shifting back towards having fun, as I don’t think I have the mental and physical reserves to really crush training for the next 3 weeks or so.

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That’s pretty understandable to be fair. Best bet would be to dial things things back and reassess in a week or so. You never know, just making that mental switch to ‘acceptance’ may give you that bit of zing and mojo back without even trying. If you don’t then, you’ve accepted that your target outcome is just to enjoy it, so do just that.

What bike are you training on? I only ask because if you’re always training on a TT bike at the moment, you could switch to the road bike for some respite & added ‘pleasure’ in your rides.

I use both. TT is set up on the turbo, but I get outside on the roadie (which is a new Tarmac and a total pleasure to ride) as often as I sit in the garage.

I am just tired.