Ironman Wales 2022

Well I’m in for Wales 2020. This will be my first full IM. My last triathlon was way back in 2002 at Llanberis (Half Ironman UK).

Anyone else on here taking part?

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Probably spectating in 2020 as a friend is going. Toying with the idea of cycling out to Wales, camping, and then cycling home. If I do go to watch it will be my fifth year in a row (race, sherpa, spectate, race, spectate).

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Llanberis half Ironman if that was the blue t shirt it was great the following year they were truely awful

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Yeah I’m in for 2020. Did Roth this year as my first LD race. Looking forward to taking on my local race.

Got my entry in and Kiln Park booked so can forget about it for a while :slight_smile:

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Yep, in as well. Although technically a secondary target intended to be type A “fun”, with Vitoria being my A race, I’m sure I’ll give it everything I have come race day!

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Yes. In for 2020. Got a place for the family in Narberth. Will look closer to the time for a b&b or room for the night for me.

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How far out is everyone staying? I booked the day I got a slot and closest I could get was a couple miles out, a place called Pentlepoir!

Chances of this going ahead?



Noticeable that after a flurry of deferrals to Sept/Oct they’ve gone very quiet. Think there’s some replanning going on.

An IM with a sea swim; given current fears over swimming they are going to need swimming pools open for 3 months for training before they let 2,200 athletes pile into the sea.

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Yeah got to be pretty doubtful that this will go ahead.

They can’t really push it to later in the year either. Weather will be shite

Ironman have gone deathly silent.

Since my personal email about Bolton/Staffs, they’ve sent nothing!

BTF cancelled everything until 30th June, so Staffs is off…but no official email sent.

Bolton is 12th July, so I’m not sure that can safely
Take place (with just two weeks practise?)

Maybe they’re also short staffed due to the virus?
So maybe cut them some slack?

I cannot see a season taking place, other than a few small local sprint races in September.

EDIT: Even “Football” are talking about writing off the season (but resuming it in September, the normal new season start)

It’s a tough one isn’t it…to train (sensibly) or not to train.
At least a training plan for this doesn’t start ramping up for another 4-6 weeks, maybe have a better idea then.

Hello. Have been looking around for any information about state of Ironman Wales. I had hoped it may still go ahead seeing as a few events I entered this years have now been rescheduled for September, early October… other than website saying they’ll make a decision 50 days prior…

It’s hard to see it happening but rest assured mate, this year or next, you’re in for a great experience!

I think this year is totally up in the air, but just to add my own note that even if it ends up being next year, you are going to have an amazing time. Been 4 years on the trot. 2 racing, 2 sherpa, and those 4 race days, whether supporting or participating, have numbered amongst the very best days of my life!!

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I’d hope for a deferral to 2021 if I was you. If it happens this year it will be odd; can’t see the same vibe if everyone is socially distant especially the epic crowds.

2021 will be an epic celebration. I’ve done the race 5 times and it’s magnificent and will be worth the extra year to get the full Tenby experience.

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Hi. Thanks everyone. Yes I did it in 2017 with that weather :confounded: and in 2019. I really enjoy the whole day. I agree it’s quite an amazing experience. And the setting is stunning. Oh well… At least the roads are quieter for cycling at the mo

2017 survivor here also. The phrase ‘you had to be there’ was never so apt. :laughing:

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It was pretty unrelentingly insane - still, get through that and then figured I could get probably get through anything

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