Ironman Wales 2022

Event cancelled!


That will be a relief for a few people I know that have been training aimlessly, but there’ll be very few entries next year.

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I wonder what triggered the cancellation now, seems a bit early for Ironman - perhaps the welsh gov made a decision or BTF?

Given the wording of the Newport Mara cancellation, I’d say the former.

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wouldn’t be the BTF - this is an Ironman event run by WTC Corp (or whoever owns them these days as I’ve lost track). but I suspect it will be the Welsh gov/County Councils calling the shots on permitting the event to go ahead as other IM scheduled for Sep (not in UK) are still in the calendar.

from the Tri247 article:

and in alignment with Pembrokeshire County Council in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic

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Also had news the the RAC Rally as it used to be has been cancelled today, that was due to run through Wales late October or early November, possibly a Govt decision today for two unrelated events to go on the same day

I’m quite pleased about this.

I had already cancelled my accommodation a while back to get the £500 deposit back with no worries.

I would have done it if it were to go ahead but at least with it confirmed for next year I can get a proper plan in place.

Eldest with be 4 next year though so I’ll imagine it’ll be a solo trip for me

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Thankfully I’d not paid for any accommodation, so should be fine there. Can just cancel the reservations. Not exactly overjoyed at having to try and find replacement accommodation for 2021 now though!!

I’ll try and get some sort of b&b for myself sat/sun - Friday too if I can get the wife on board with that

Anyone looked on IMJ? Is it kicking off and people saying they’ll do it anyway?


I’ll have a look. People always say that don’t they.

Bolton 2018 bike comes to mind


Love to do Wales again but I have 2 full distances events next July …when does general entry open?

(Will need to be sharp less places available for 2021)

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With it being sold out this year there surely won’t be too many spots free for 21?!

Very few, I imagine. I was really hoping we could race this year but alas, no.
It will have to be next year.

Me too. But weirdly I messed up my hamstring on riding an old mountain bike and it’s not settling down - I can’t run and it’s driving me mad :rage: It’s a shame about this year I love the event and the place - when I didn’t sign up in 2018 I felt left out. I think I’ll be doing this til I fall over. Love Tenby - see u all in 2021…



Wales 2021 was going to be my last full distance triathlon. Chances of getting a slot are pretty slim, but will try to be on the ball for when the small amount of entries do open. If anyone gets a whiff, please let me know. On my bucket list and would love to round it off at Tenby :smiley:

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I rounded off my IM career at Tenby at the very 1st IM Wales - just had to do it in my home nation

PS - no Wales flag in the emojis??


:black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 - apparently not!