Ironman Wales 2023

Roll up, roll up. With priority entry opened Anyone going back?

General entries open on the 27th I believe

What’s not to like?

Hilly swim - :white_check_mark:
Hilly bike - :white_check_mark:
Hilly Run - :white_check_mark:

Guaranteed rain as I’ve entered - :white_check_mark:


Thanks for the heads up, big fat no from me in that case, far too cold :cold_face: :joy:


£600-£700 price tag :grinning:


I must say, i am tempted … but this is very much putting me off!!!


Is that just entry costs?

Well with the active fee it’s £520

The earlier date next year is working well as I’ve got my usual annual meet-up with some mates in North Wales on the August bank holiday. No school then so we’ll just make a holiday of it, spending Saturday night in Tenby


Very much looking forward to entering, not training, getting to the start line, dropping out on the bike leg then getting an MDot tattoo regardless!! :fist_right:


Well that’s more reasonable than I’d heard :white_check_mark: .

My info was from a friend posting on FB :smiley: .

When I say reasonable :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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Oh it’s not reasonable at all but what’s a man to do?

I absolutely love the race. No idea why as I’ve had two shockers out out two appearances. Here’s hoping it all comes together for third time lucky


Really tempted but Summer hols kill my training consistency.

Yeah, cost wise I’m out. I’d love to do it again however. UK is a possibility. Would like to have a proper crack at the bike section

Might focus on some running stuff closer to home in the meanwhile


@adam @gingerbongo @bob et al.

If you’re all going solo to this, surely 3-4 nights in an AirBnB cottage is gonna be better and cheaper than a hotel/B&B :person_shrugging:t3:


Unless you’re all going #VanLife


Booked. Going with a friend again this time. This is my 6th trip. Will be my fourth time racing (2 times sherpa duties), and obviously I am desperate to make this my third finish after my 2022 swim DNF.

£520 for me on priority. Will be staying in a campervan in 2023, so a cheap and fun trip.

I am going to buy myself a tri bike. Looking at the Canyon entry level ones now.


My hotel is £145 p/n with breakfast.

I should add, I haven’t entered yet (I have a SLT meeting from 2.30 - 4.00 on Monday! )

I also haven’t told Mrs FP that I’ve booked accom yet. We have our first night together without LO in 8.5yrs tonight. So I’m thinking of telling her early, then I’ll be on the couch and won’t have to think of something to talk to her about. :joy: :joy:



Fork moi! :crazy_face:

That better be a suite, with a sea view, sofa and lounge area!!!

I’ve stayed just off the Place Vendome in Paris for similar to that :-1:t2:

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I paid £120 for a nights stay in the Imperial this year. Complete hole of of a place, so much so that I slept on top of the duvet - really close to transition though!

Had an initial look for somewhere for the family but there’s slim pickings - I think it’ll be a solo trip


Entry opens at 1400 :wink:

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That’s pretty cheap for IM, especially this location, you couldn’t ask for better. The non sea view doubles are £210 p/n

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I thought it said 3.00 BST?

Stop it you lot …….