Ironman Wales 2023

Jesus H Christ :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
A camper van rental is only £400 for a weekend (3 nights) in September from a place near us.

I thought that was dear.
Obviously not :+1:t3:

It’s really north of £1k for a domestic IM.
That’s shameful.

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Just looked back through the results for the top ten in my age group looks doable ………no no no just leave it alone



It’s Wales. better than a just add water euro draft fest. Hard to imagine a better atmosphere.

I’m happy with the price, especially for The Atlantic


sweet, thanks

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I may have just signed up for the reminder email……


Is there anything you can ‘pre-fill’ ahead of general rego?

Doesn’t look like it.

Was a bit tipsy at a wedding yesterday and saw the threads pinging off about IMW. Had a serious case of FOMO. Thankfully, the next few days will give me a chance to have a good think about committing or not.

Reasons not to do it
Can’t run (atm; but do I need to? The slow hobble of death might be likely anyway)
The cost. It’s big.
Training over the summer holiday. I get 7 weeks off so to be fair, it should be perfect, but I always seem to peak in June and then tail off.

Reasons to do it
I just want to.
It’s IM Wales. Never heard anything but good things about it.
I need something big to focus on. The last couple of years have shown me that not having something pencilled in makes it too easy to sit on the sofa.
Never done a sea swim tri and have always wanted to.
The nature of the course means that I wouldn’t have the pressure of going for a time. Completion would be success enough.
Would be great to be part of a TT massive


Well I’m hoping to complete Arc, SDW100 and RttStones next year, so hopefully the run is taken care of. Starting to think about a 14 day training cycle, which should allow for a nice build up cycling. Swimming will be a couple of sessions a week, at best and probably not until late spring.

Reasons not to do it:

Cost is major factor
I have no TT equipment at all now (save for a set of clip ons)
I have a less than optimal bike
I might be knackered after the ultras.
Time will be slow

Reasons to do it:

I can probably swing it as an early 60th birthday present.
I do love that Tenby buzz.
I don’t really have any friends IRL, so will be nice to meet some of you.
No pressure on performance will mean I can soak it all up.


Funny how you’re planning going long on the run, whereas that’s my plan for the bike. Was going to do the Audax Super randonneur award (ride a 200, 300, 400 and 600 audax). Could get that done by May / early June, which should see me right for the bike. Just need to get back in the pool (have not swim a stroke since March 2020) and find some sort of run legs, but realistically might be a quick walk with a few run breaks. :grinning:


The other big plus for me with this event is that it should be cool. Big part of my dnf at IMCH was the heat in the afternoon. I’ve had a few times in the last couple of years where my stomach has shut down in training when the temp has got over 30 degrees. For me, the colder and wetter the better.


One of the advantages of being an (at best) average swimmer, is that it never takes me long to get back to where I was. I’ve had huge gaps in swimming before, although not 4yrs plus as this will be, and after after about 4-6wks, I’m back on my regular 19/20 min per km pace.

I hope that’s still the case :smile: :crossed_fingers:


But that’s just not like for like is it? What you’re comparing to is not an Ironman weekend is a small town that largely gets locked off throughout race day. Therefore in-town accommodation is at a massive premium. And the accommodation providers know that.

We’ve ended up paying about £1k the last two years for 2 bed apartments, for a Friday to Friday booking. Split between 3 or 4 of us, that’s not been horrendous for a whole week away. Last year when the race got cancelled, Tenby and the surrounding area was really nice with lots to do. This year, I just chilled in the apartment, and actually ended up working Monday and Tuesday. My mum and her partner were off doing their own things during the day and then we just had dinners together in the evening.


All of those applied to me. Injury and life changes have really made any training a grind this year, but having the entry already in from pre-covid forced me to swim and bike, and in reality I was glad I was doing so. I felt a lot better for even the small amounts of training I could get in.

As you say, with the course, time was an irrelevance. If my rolled over race was a flat, fast, euro course that I’d targeted for a fast time, then I may well have debated on not bothering, but I was going to Tenby with the full intention of walking the whole thing. I got fortunate I was given the green light to start running 10 days beforehand.

I really enjoyed it. Hilly bike courses are 100% not my strength, but it meant finishing was all I really cared about.


No, no - I’m saying a campervan is £400 for the weekend, which you could then drive to Tenby and pitch up somewhere.

I’d say that’s similar to some dive where you have to sleep on top of the duvet :+1:t3:
(Which sounds similar to where I stayed on Lancaster Gate for the Worlds in 2013 :nauseated_face:)

Totally agree that £1k for an apartment between 3-4 people isn’t horrendous at all for a week away.

But £140/night for a dive hotel is :person_shrugging:t3:

The real premium are the Friday / Saturday / Sunday nights. That’s where staying for longer becomes a bit more economical.

On the campervan, I now see what you mean. Where are you parking that though? I think even the campsites get booked up in Tenby, and you’d have to pay for a spot. I don’t think you’re getting a campervan in any of the car parks in Tenby and just chancing it, as they all have height restrictions from memory

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Absolutely anywhere you fancy, judging by the state of most seaside places I’ve been to recently - people just park them bloody anywhere :wink::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::joy:

It seems like pretty much every street in Tenby is subject to parking restrictions over race weekend!


Good luck arriving in Tenby on a Friday and pitching up ‘somewhere’. When was the last time you did the race? It’s mental crowded these days, that’s what makes it Tenby!

Atlantic isn’t a dive. You seem to be getting mixed up with different posts on here. I’m stating my actual experience against your perceived one.