Joe Skipper

Copied from his Instagram page.
Sounds like a very lucky escape.

How’s the van?


Jesus. Lucky escape.

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Being compacted with the driver still in it.



I don’t know whether it’s getting worse out there or there’s more coverage of accidents thanks to social media etc but I’m feeling quite content with a winter in the garage on the turbo


You’d think after the huge rise in cyclists on the road during the pandemic, there’d be more awareness. But I guess not?


He’s had a few accidents hasn’t he? I guess that the more miles you do, the chances increase although there are more factors at play…


Don’t know where Joe was cycling but out here in East Anglia there are a lot of narrow roads with poor sight lines at junctions.

I notice that a fair few drivers look, see a bike and go - assuming the bike is doing the usual 13mph rather than closer to 20mph for me and probably 22-23mph at least for Joe.

I ride defensively expecting cars to do this and I have always been able to hit the anchors, avoid a collision but end up close enough to let the traditional volley of abuse go. Also ride a flashing front light to be seen, and keep to familiar roads where I know and can slow for the dodgy areas.

Glad he’s ok, that may swing the 4 hours of Zwift vs outside argument towards Zeift now……


add to that, the fact that Lincolnshire is dead bottom of the league table for driver prosecutions for dangerous driving and for also for speeding, and you’ve got a tragedy waiting to happen.


There’s been a huge increase in the number of delivery vans around here since the pandemic and they’re driven by some of the worst drivers on the road - pulling out of junctions when there’s traffic coming, accelerating through lights as they turn red, diving down the inside lane to undertake queuing traffic, parking in dangerous places, going the wrong way up one way streets.

Incentivising people on the number of deliveries they make is never going to make for good driving…


Agree with peoples concerns of the quality of driving/awareness of others on the roads.

As it moves towards winter I also think people’s expectations of seeing a cyclist on the road lessens. This has pushed me towards zwift a lot more over the winter months.


Really makes you think twice about venturing out.

Perhaps just my perception, but I feel drivers and people in general have become a whole lot less tolerant since lockdown ended. Everyone seems to be rushing around, no time for others and lots of aggression.

The world doesn’t seem a happy place just now


I hope it is perception - I’m a big advocate for cycling; utility, commuting, etc although I don’t do it any more really. All my cycling is training so it’s just more efficient indoors.


100 mile TT I did in July was halted due to a DPD van piling into the back of one of the riders.

Literally perfect visibility, clear sight lines, Sunday am with barely any traffic and the only way they could not have seen the cyclist was if they were looking at something else.


It’s because they were - they don’t pay any attention, don’t care about other people or the danger they present to them and themselves. No amount of lighting, hi viz or radar tech will change that - only very public punishment and significantly decreased traffic.


Yep. Couldn’t agree more with this.

I commute on a mixed path, and I’m probably overly polite and conscientious on the paths. I slow down early, I roll up with my freehub clicking noisily for people to hear me from a distance etc. Yet people are absolutely determined to have a go about something.

Last week, came up to a lady walker on a corner. I could see it in her face that she was ready to have a massive go at me, but I’d slowed down to a crawl, smiled and eased past her. But her face was fuming, it was like she had all this anger towards cyclists in the chamber ready to go, but I denied her the opportunity to fire it!

The same as when I come across dog walkers, with 3 dogs running riot on the path. I don’t make a big deal about it, but the people look at me as if ‘how dare I expect them to call their dogs to heel’. I smile, say thanks and carry on. But it’s not doing much to halt my aging descent into grumpy old man! :joy:


That’s my strategy too… occasionally someone still lets rip… so I let them do so for a few seconds before casually pointing at my front and rear cameras and mentioning that they, and their childish rants, are being recorded… its usually really amusing to see their response. Its mostly immediately shutting up and walking away.


I make a fuss of people when I’m on the bike, particularly when I approach from the rear but I am stunned that so many people are so unaware when I’m out running. I’m going to have to start announcing my presence soon like I do with horse riders.


I’m always clearing my throat so walkers don’t crap their pants. Half of them have earphones in, so 💁


Let them shit themselves. I’ve had enough of isolation-tank-pedestrians too, wandering about like a tit in a trance they deserve it.