KMD IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship Elsinore

It’s now a Challenge race from 2020.
Wanda have ditched it

Ah yes. Pity. Such an awesome bike course. Hopefully it will keep going.

Its more Dumb and Smarter than I gave it credit for. As you say FTP is set manually, I must have done this some time way back in the past. However, when it created the prediction for Elsinore, I must have used 240W as target power, as my predicted NP is 240W, AP is 236W, this compares with AP of 239W and NP of 253W at StP

So BBS predicts a time of 2h13m at a slightly lower intensity than StP (About 80% IF), when I update my power to the same at StP it gives me a prediction of 2:10.

I did upgrate to premium last month using the TP discount

That marathon is probably still lurking in those run legs as well MS! Without full recovery, and training and racing through, it doesn’t suprirse me that you’ve lost a bit of the zip.

I would agree with the others and back off the bike a tad for a week or so (if you have capacity to do so) and i think the spring will come back into your step.

If you are ‘blindly’ following TP, that will tell you that your TSB is positive, even though you are fried i.e. good taper high TSB>Race>positive TSB still, which masks how fatigued you are. My TSB is well over +0 at the moment, despite my legs being wrecked after the HIM on Sunday. You can’t just accumulate huge +TSB and ride the crest - they are just numbers on the Internet, listen to your body :slightly_smiling_face:

Something is tallying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(either the 5 or the 6 is no doubt a typo)

253 is the correct NP - same on both TP and Garmin
85% IF is from TP, Garmin has it as 92.6%
I have now set my FTP on my Garmin and BBS to 298W which is what TP is showing, so all aligned

How are you setting the FTP on your Garmin? (given you mentioned it kept changing back or something) The new ones don’t like it if you set it on the device. You need to set it on the app, make sure you click somewhere else on the page, and then press save. Exit that page and then go back to it to check the app has correctly saved it, and then it’s normally fine.

It is not entirely straightforward I will admit. Whenever I change mine, I go through a trial and error process to get it to work!

My 935 wants to update my FTP after every hard effort over 20 mins i.e. Zwift races.

In some ways, you could argue that your best 20 min power in an all-out race is also a metric you could use…as FTP is in reality a moveable beast.

I turned off the Garmin feature of trying to automatically update FTP

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Haven’t worked out how to do that

In terms of setting FTP, I set it manually in device, then set it in Garmin Connect, then saved, then sync device

Don’t set on the device. It does nothing, and just reverts back to what was on the app almost immediately. For me, I just have to update it once on the app, properly and so it actually registers, on either the 920 or Edge 520 profile, and then it will automatically apply the same update to both.

On the (android) app …

  1. From the menu select Garmin Devices
  2. Click on one of your devices
  3. Click user settings
  4. Click “configure power zones” (strangely this option doesnt always show up, you sometimes have to go back and forth to get it to show)
  5. Change the number in the FTP box - the important bit … you have to press return on the keyboard. Not doing so wont validate the update to the value.
  6. You then must press the back arrow top left. Again, not doing so wont save the update.

Then, once you resync, it will update that FTP value across all relevant Garmin devices.

That’s how it works for me anyway (this should probably be in the Garmin section!)

Thanks, my Garmin App did update properly, so all aligned (for now)

The Taupo thing must have been a mistake. Now gone from the website (the statement of 100 slots for Nice is now just repeated twice…they’ve just overwritten what was there for Taupo with the Nice info again).

Main concern having walked part of the run course this afternoon is whether to give the vapors a bash or not. A lot of gravel paths, and reasonable stretches of quite uneven cobbles. Yet there’s long flat road sections too for much of the lap. Decisions decisions.

Conditions look a bit better here than in Cork :rofl::wink:

After having a gentle paddle, and making himself a cuppa in T1, @Matthew_Spooner is absolutely motoring on the bike :scream:
Looks like he’ll pass @stenard around 66km at this rate.

@stenard seems to be having a decent swim, good T1 and is pacing the bike well :+1:t3:

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@stenard is now tearing the run course a new one. What shoes does he have on :wink:?

Great T2’s by both of them.

@Matthew_Spooner had a storming bike and is now bringing it home on the run. Think he has two AG places to make up.

Great racing chaps!!!

Been fun tracking you this morning.

Was there a massive hill in the run over the last 4km?

Life’s a breeze when you don’t have an Ironman to train for eh :rofl:

Waiting to see how far it rolls down… fingers crossed. Insane times today.

Whatever happens really happy with 4:28… I thought that had over-bikes, but managed another run PB on a full length course. Happier with my swim than St P, still my weakest, but I swam 1:44m/100m which is OK


Well done you two! Very impressive.