KMD IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship Elsinore

Can anyone tell me about this event?

In my AG the run was much slower last year than St Polten, looking at Strava, doesnt appear to be longer, any reason why run is slow?

Bike is fast, elevation last year was only 360m and appears to be 1.5km short, IM is saying 600m this year

Loads of slots for Nice

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this… but thinking about it, checking flights, asking daughter if she wants to spend her 15th birthday in Denmark


Bike course is slightly different this year according the fb page. Obviously looks fairly twisty and I’ve read some bits are fairly narrow with out-and-back sections. The BBS route someone has created has it at 89km with 400m of elevation. It says I might do 2:30ish despite being 20+ watts down from FTP of last year as it stands, due to the spring marathon focus.

Not sure about the run. There are apparently cobbled sections on the run I believe I read.

They’ve changed the orientation of the swim, so all the twisty bits are now at the end when it should have spaced out.

Sadly it seems like Saturday is full now at the partner hotel:
That’s what I have booked. Accommodation did seem the most tricky aspect when I was finalising things.

I have approval, trying to sort booking. Will probably stay in Copenhagen with a day trip to Elsenor on Sunday.

Probably not a bad shout. From doing the IM there last year, I’m fairly sure the trains are running throughout the night. I guess it’ll be a bit of to and fro getting there for racking, but with the train station fairly close to the race site, it shouldnt be too bad.

Bit of a flying visit for me. I only arrive Friday morning. Normally I’d want to be there a day or so before that.

I’m in

Decided to do Elsinor, and duck out of the Zyterm Olympic distance the week before. Instead I will be a race marshal.

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I have been to the event a few times, the bike is fast and rolling. The run is a mix of ‘in town’ sections some are cobbled and there were a couple of tight turns. There is a leg killer of a bridge that used to go over the exit of transition. The slow part of the run is the around Kronborg castle and out to the North Molehead light, if it’s windy this is exposed and becomes a real drag back to the start/finish

All booked, arrive late evening on 19th, staying in centre of Copenhagen, Thursday and Friday sight seeing, will try to get a short bike ride in on Thursday

I am on a Business trip to Barcelona Monday to Wednesday, hopefully will get a sea swim in, then back to Zurich on Wednesday afternoon, in time for a late flight to Copenhagen

I see that it has 100 places for Nice, up from the original 75 advertised, fingers crossed. I thought that I was a better “hilly” riders, but looking at Strava Segments for St Polten, I did pretty well on the flats

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Based on my 70.3 St Polten, BBS gives me a sub 2:15 predicted time. If this is accurate sub 4:30 is possible, which based on last year would give me a top 10 finish… and with 100 slots, a good chance of getting to Nice

In an event this size, all you can really do is race your race and see where that leaves you on the day. The ‘competition’ is different every year.

You should start a thread NQ or die tryin’ :wink::laughing:

Yeah, I did that kind of analysis for Bahrain, and thought I needed about 4:40ish to get top 7. In the end, 4:28 got me 9th and I snuck in with a Q.

I’d be pretty sure with 100 slots that the key M AG’s (M35, M40, M45) will all have in at least 10 slots, and likely more. I’m now M35, but in Bahrain was in M30 which is usually a little behind those other three on numbers, and with only 60 slots my AG got 8.

Looking back, with the exception of 2017, 4:30 is top 10 time, in 2017 it was top 15, so as you say @Jorgan it depends on who turns up

As I learned at St Polten the margins at the front of the age groups are incredibly close, with just a couple of minutes separating 10+ places

This is my last attempt at NQ. I am not chasing a Kona spot this year, so Hamburg is just for fun

Not planning on killing myself to NQ, but will be buying a rice cooker and candles


#0.1w :rofl:

Just killing the bank balance instead? :wink:

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I think the St Polten run was about 20.4km? So don’t give up hope Stenny :wink:

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Swiss innit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Start lists are up. I see we’re fairly close in racking Matt (the minor perks of AWA).

Tweaked the spreadsheet I setup for my Bahrain analysis to try and estimate # of slots. It worked reasonably well before. Based on the start list, there’s 22 AG’s with starters, so that’s 78 slots left to share. Matt’s AG is the largest on the start list, and I have the numbers coming out with 11 extra going to M45-49. So I’d estimate top 12 and you’ll be in. Top 10 would be guaranteed, even factoring in some changes to the calcs based on the actual number of starters.

Obviously, top 10-12 out of 333 is nothing like a given. But being end of June already, I’d also hazard a guess there’s a number of people racing that already have slots, before you even get into the realms of people declining.

The start list reinforce the interesting triathlon demographic. Largest three AG’s are M45-49, M40-44 and M50-54.

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This is borne out by the 113 results. I was 47th OA, but only 10th in M45. There were 3x M50 ahead of me, and I would have placed better in M40 (8th).

Longer Triathlons are the domain of the MAMIL.

In St Polten in my AG, it rolled down to 16, from what I can see in Staffordshire it rolled down even more (I know someone on IMJ was in 19th and missed be 1 minute, which means rolled down to 17).

To be honest top 10 will be really tough, top 20 is more realistic, however, not sure how competitive Elsinore is relative to St Polten.

Would be interested to know how peoples pace in Staffordshire compares with St Polten - in Staffs, the last place for Nice in my AG was just over 5 hours, is it a much slower course?

I’ve just seen they’re also offering 75 slots to Taupo at the same race. That could complicate matters in terms of who takes what. I can’t see me being in shape to compete for those slots, but it wasn’t even something I was considering having to think about.

NZ is a long way away to travel for a race. And I’m off to Australia this NY.

The Dane’s actually seem really good, and the times at Copenhagen last year seemed to reinforce that. Looking at last year’s results, they’re pretty rapid. My Bahrain time wouldn’t have had me in the top 20.

In your AG, you need to go under 4:30 for top 10 based on the PY. There were multiple AGers going under 4hrs, which was within 19 mins of the winning MPRO.