Lakesman 2021

In the spirit of optimism…I think a few of us are in for Lakesman this year? The latest email outlines a different event to usual in terms of atmosphere, but will be very happy if it does go ahead :grin:

Time to ditch the DIY and get some training done :muscle:

Game on?


Event details for those interested…

EDIT: How do you insert collapsible text blocks??

Dear Athlete,

Little did we think when we postponed Lakesman 2020 that we would still be under the control of COVID19 and in a state of flux nearly 12months later. We know that many of you have lost loved ones, suffered illness directly, and endured many months of; physical, mental, and financial pressure.

Firstly, we want to offer our condolences for lost family and friends. We want to wish those of you currently dealing with COVID19, and its aftereffects, a speedy recovery. We also wish those of you with injuries and illness prolonged because of national lockdowns and NHS pressures, a swift recovery.

We have waited until the latest announcement from the government about the roadmap out of lockdown to detail our plans for Lakesman 2021. We have been planning for many weeks and months to try and enable the event to take place this year. The Lockdown exit roadmap has given us some idea of what to expect.

The guidance now details the following information and how we are expecting the next few months to play out.
Step one from 29th March, the rule of 6 will return for outdoor exercise and open air pools can reopen.
Step two of the exit roadmaps implementation will be confirmed on the 5th April, with an expected implementation on the 12th April. Providing the four tests detailed by the government are met, this should see a return to swim training, along with non essential retail and holiday lets reopening to individuals and household groups.
This date is of importance to us as the British Triathlon Guidance states six weeks of uninterrupted swim training must be achieved for the swim leg to go ahead, this date allows for 50% more with 9weeks.

Step 3 of the exit roadmap will see the rule of 6 indoors allowed, restaurants, hotels and B&B’s reopen. Stadiums and events venues will reopen which may include mass testing. The final stage step four is due to happen on June 21st. We are hoping that a huge party takes place on Monday 21st in Keswick with everyone wearing their finisher T shirts. If the roadmap goes to plan then we would hope very much we can celebrate together on that Monday.

We recognise that there may still be some bumps in the road ahead, and potential challenges to the announced plans. Therefore, we have decided to implement a series of measures to try to enable Lakesman Triathlons 2021 to go ahead as smoothly as possible.

British Triathlon, as the event permitting body have issued several guidance documents over the last 11months. These have given guidance for event organisers on how to implement COVID security at events. Using these as the basis for our plans, we would like to notify you of the following:

  1. All athletes will be required to take a COVID-19 lateral flow test and obtain a negative result before being allowed to register for their event on race weekend. There will be no charge to the athlete for this.
  2. Surgical mask wearing whilst in the event village will be mandatory at all times, other than when racing. We will supply masks where appropriate.
  3. Spectators are to be discouraged from congregating in and around the event village, especially the finish area on race day. We will be sending out further information on spectator zones.
  4. There will be no change tent at this year’s event and no kit bags will be issued. Athletes will be required to store their kit alongside their bike in transition. Dimensions and suggested solutions will be offered in the coming weeks.
  5. There will be no face-to-face athlete briefings, this will be done via video link sent out ahead of race weekend. Only safety critical updates prior to the race starting will be given in emergency circumstances.
  6. There will be limited merchandise available and takeaway food stalls will be allowed dependant on guidance and space in the event village.
  7. Athlete post-race food will be provided but done on a takeaway basis, this will be as you exit transition. It will be a high quality Cumbria offering, catering for all allergies and food preferences.
  8. There will be no post-race prize giving, the awards ceremony and post-race videos will be delivered online with prizes posted out to you.

We recognise that the event will be different from what you have raced or seen from us before. However, we know that these measures are essential for both the event to go ahead and all of our staff, athletes, volunteers, and local community’s health and well-being. We want Lakesman to be around for years to come and adjusting in this way for 2021 seems the most sensible approach to ensure this.

We have made some adjustments to the event running which we will detail below. We recognise that some of you will have questions about these changes, but we have tried to answer as many of these as possible.

The Swim

We recognise that the swim will pose a challenge for many with the restricted access to pools both in lockdown periods as well as when measures are relaxed. As such, most of the changes affect this part of the event:

For 2021, we are using a 1900m course for both the half and full races. Athletes will swim one or two laps, depending on whether they are racing the half or the full event. The start line will be from dry land, through three access lanes. In the pre -event information, you will be allocated a 10-minute window for start time, based on a projected time you will add to your entry form.

The half will start first at 06:00 with 3 athletes entering the water to an audible bleep every five seconds. Social distancing and the wearing of a surgical mask whilst waiting to enter the water will be required. Masks will be disposed of into a waste bin on the water’s edge. The full event will begin at approximately 06:20 with the same entry procedure as the half.

Can I swim one lap instead of two?
Yes, you can opt to reduce the full swim to 1 lap of 1900m, this must be done prior to the race weekend via Resultsbase.

Can I still do the race if I opt not to swim?
Yes, choosing not to swim will be acceptable, providing the option is selected prior to race weekend via Resultsbase.

Can I change my mind during the swim?

Yes, however you must notify the onshore team as you exit the water otherwise your result will be void.

Please note that not swimming the distance for the race you are entered means you are no longer eligible for an award at the prize presentation.


Transition will be much larger this year to allow social distancing. To further improve the ability to socially distance, transition will be set up by random full and half athletes being equally dispersed across the area. Without the change tent and bag racking, small gazebos will be available to allow full changing. There will be limited access to these, in order to maintain social distancing, so please bear in mind the possible delay this may cause when planning your outfits.

Access to transition for racking pre-race will be done in waves on the Saturday, your time allocation for this will be sent out before race weekend. Again, the wearing of a surgical face mask will be mandatory.

Toilets with adequate supplies of sanitizing products will be provided for athletes in transition. We would ask that athletes try to minimise the use of these on race morning prior to the race start as much as possible, and social distancing will be required when queuing.

The Bike

We currently plan for the bike legs to go ahead as normal, with volunteers providing on-course nutrition. All volunteers on the aid stations will be asked to wear masks and sanitise regularly.

The Run

The run course changes previously announced allow for greater social distancing due to the increase in distance per lap (half) and the avoidance of the busy ‘booths corner’ (both). We will again be asking our aid station volunteers to wear masks and sanitise regularly. Full, on course nutrition will be provided as normal. When using the aid stations, we would ask that everyone tries to maintain social distancing wherever possible. A few seconds will not massively affect your race time, but it will ensure the safety and enjoyment of the event for all.


We recognise that the finish line experience is one of the highlights for many of you. Being able to run down the red carpet in front of the crowds and potentially with loved ones is a real treasure. Unfortunately, for 2021 we are going to remove the ability to spectate at the finish line and family and friends will not be allowed down the finish chute.

We will do everything we can to make your finish line experience as enjoyable as possible, and, as always, pictures capturing your achievements will be free.

We will be accommodating and understanding as far as possible, but we will have staff employed over the weekend to disperse people congregating around the transition or finish areas. We must demonstrate to our partners and the local community that we are doing everything possible to keep people safe. We believe that with your help and understanding, we can achieve this together.

Once you have finished the race and received your medal, you will get access back into transition. This will be controlled by our transition team to keep you and our other competing athletes safe. You will be asked to recover your belongings as swiftly as possible, before making your way to the exit.

Immediately before leaving transition, you will make your way through the hospitality suite where you will receive your post-race nutrition. This will be in a suitable bag to enable you to carry your bike and other equipment. Once again, we must ask that you only bring equipment and clothing that is essential.

Once you have left the hospitality suite, you will be directed to follow a one-way exit system away from the race venue. After this, you will be free to remove masks and continue with your day as normal (in accordance with any restrictions). We will give notice in the pre-event information of pre-arranged meeting points for family and friends. We ask that half athletes be particularly cautious at this time as the full race will be underway when you are leaving the venue.
Further questions:

What happens if I test positive at registration?

If your lateral flow test returns a positive result you will be asked to vacate the event site immediately. We will take down your race number and offer a place in the following years event free of charge.

Can I withdraw due to these changes?

If you choose to withdraw because of these control measures, our normal terms and conditions will apply. Please see link: Results Base - The Lakesman 2021

I’m entered for the full distance can I change to the half?
Anyone entered into the full distance race who now wishes to race the half can opt to do so, this must be done in writing by sending an email to – Please note no reduction in entry fee would be offered.

Where can my spectators/family watch the race?

Whilst brining spectators to the race is discouraged, we recognise for some of you it will be essential for some reasons (childcare etc.). We will publish information in the pre-race athlete guide about spectating whilst maintaining social distancing. Even more so than normal, we will try to broadcast as much of the race as possible via our social media channels.

Will I still get a medal/prize?

Medals will be awarded at the finish line along with finisher shirts. Prizes will be allocated in the normal way awarded in a virtual prize presentation (prizes will be posted/delivered as necessary).

Are the changes permanent?

We do not plan for any of the measures implemented because of COVID-19 to stay beyond 2021. We hope that by 2022, we are in a position to deliver a normal event for all to enjoy.

Will there still be the budgie smuggler run and kids race?

Unfortunately for 2021, all of the above must be postponed. We realise that this will disappoint many of you and for this we apologise, and hope they return bright in 2022.

We recognise all the above changes affect the event, if at any point in the coming weeks some of the measures can be reduced or removed then we will be looking to do this. It is our ambition to keep the race weekend as close to normal as possible. We will continue to track the government guidance and the British Triathlon regulations updating you all as we go along.

Rest assured, we have tried to develop a sensible and thought-out way of delivering Lakesman Triathlons in 2021.
We have since Lakesman was just an idea always said that The Athlete comes first. The measures we are implement go above and beyond what is needed but we want to keep everyone safe and well.

Our mantra for this year is Safe Place, Safe People, Safe Race We need your help in achieving this #Teamlakesman21

We hope that your upcoming few months of training go well, with lighter nights and warmer weather being a welcome relief aiding bigger and better goals for the year ahead. Thank you for taking the time to read through this information, we cannot wait to see you all in June. In the meantime check out our easter weekend challenge, Lakesman in Lockdown The Sequel - Results Base - Lakesman in Lockdown - The Sequel 2021

With best regards,
Phil, Marie, Matthew, and all the Lakesman Team


I was hoping it was off…or the swim would just be cut for all.
I’m gonna struggle getting up to distance without my shoulder going pop.
Rolling start bad enough…I don’t want to be one of few doing shorter swim.

Can’t help but feel they’ll be more changes before June


I’m in for the half. Going to have to hire a van if I go ahead. And find some accommodation. Hardly the most pressing requirement considering I’d struggle to get in my wetsuit right now. I’m very impressed with their organisation and any refund now will be minimal. So it’s motivation to diet and to train more effectively, and I will re-appraise in May with a month of sluggish swimming behind me.

I think one of the biggest things for me is not seeing family at the finish line. Does make me question why I do this…pretty sure in my head it’s “for my kids” ie inspiration, and I’m pretty sure they think, “great, no finish line, can we go to the park instead?” So if I can get my head round that, no big deal.



from experience at an event last September this is where things go wrong and unless the EO manages this well, it could be a social media disaster. the event had merchandise and take away food around the finish area and simply spectators and athletes mixed in quite large groups, often not wearing masks - it got pretty crowded and people stayed around far too long.

I think their timing is a bit unfortunate because if everything goes to plan the last social distancing rules will fall away the day after the race.

If it’s a BBQ weekend and the rules change on the 21st June, I think it’ll be a free-for-all nationwide that weekend. It’ll just be the businesses that will feel compelled to stick to the rules.


Ha ha ha - totally!!!
The Lakes will be full of people licking each other that weekend.
Cannot wait :tada::dancing_men::man_dancing:t3:

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Who’s doing what at Lakesman then? 8 weeks to go doesnt feel long at all!!!
@Tupperware what you signed up for?



Something else;

Agreed, it is approaching fast! Need to grow a pair and start some open water swimming :smiley:



Something else;

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Yeah think Im going commit getting in the water from early May. Least will have had a few weeks to build up in the pool.
Gonna be a busy few weeks!!


So, now is the time to decide on the swim distance.

I might be slower than expected, but if I’m trekking up to the Lakes I’m going to get my monies worth :slight_smile:, full for me.


As a Mod for the forum, I’d have banned you from posting if you’d have done anything less :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::shushing_face:


Yeah I CBA to go up and do part of an event. I still dont think the race should really be on… but if it is - might as well crack on and do it in its entirety!

Hows training going @Tupperware ? You get in the lake?

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Why not? Curious…

becuase he hasn’t trained enough! :rofl:


@mw22 is a demon!

His cycling is superb and he’s been doing long runs to where my long runs used to max out at (Elvaston Castle / Borrowash)

Haha - well yeah there is that @gingerbongo!!

The swimming was one aspect - I’m cramming to get it done and I genuinely didnt feel I’d be able to (coming from a history of having to build really slow to stop my shoulder going pop). So thats entirely individual.

I know between the 20th and the 21st June Covid doesnt magically disappear or whatever; but en masse gatherings from around the UK - just feels a bit wrong “well we can so we will”.

The finish line will practically be empty - which seems a real shame. I wouldnt have got around my last one without friends and family and thats going to be non existent.

Just feel the events been diluted - that its not a race with everyone doing their own thing, the atmosphere will be “meh” for me without those people getting me to the end.

I can’t really explain it …and I’ve not done any long bikes yet :grin:


If only I could opt to do my ride on zwift eh :wink:

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Exactly this. Same feeling for me with rolling starts.
I’m used to friends and family not being there.

Although I did REALLY enjoy the support of TriTalk at the 2012 Outlaw.
Especially CarlJ and his now wife, who trekked out to the far side of the lake to give support where it was most needed :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

I’d say they’re all valid reasons, apart from the Covid thing - it’s gone.
A distant memory.
The day after the event we will be free of masks and social distancing.

If that weekend is warm, like someone else said, it’ll be a BBQ outdoor free-for-all.

I wouldn’t worry about it.
The Science studied the Bournemouth beach crowds from last year and it caused nothing of note.

Bike is flat in this race ?

Next year for me I think.