Think there were a few of us doing this from TriTalk 1.0 (TC, Grobbo).

16th June 2019, not long now :grinning:

The swim is looking a bit problematic (from Lakesman FB page)

Dear athletes, we are aware of the unfortunate situation regarding swims being cancelled and blue green algae being present in Derwentwater. There have been visible patches of blue green algae throughout the winter in isolated areas of the lake, and as temperatures have increased the areas have gone into bloom.
When the environment agency is notified, they do not automatically test the water. They simply notify the land owners who in turn put the signs up saying no swimming. Blue green algae can and is present in most water courses, its only when it begins to break down that it can be hazardous. Even then it is dependant on whether the specific species present is toxic, as not all are. The EA do not test for specific species as part of their program. They also do not test specific swim routes, just the areas reported to be in bloom.
As a precaution to this we are carrying out full analysis of the lake waters in early June in line with [British Triathlon] guidelines. This will be done in conjunction with [Swim Safety] our official water safety partner for the 2019 races. We are following the new event organisers guidance document SH2OUT if anyone wants to read more on the subject.
Following the results or our laboratory testing we will act accordingly, but are fairly hopeful that we be able to go ahead as planned with our swim portions of [The Lakesman] at this time.

Algae already?! I thought it needed warm temperatures to flourish?

Keswick mountain festival is on this weekend and the triathlon is now a duathlon and the O\W swims have all been cancelled.

It’s been a bit warmer the last few weeks and I thought it needed a long time to flourish but apparently not.
Although it wasn’t a particularly winter and Derwent is pretty shallow.

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Not long to go for this one :grin:

Still no word on the swim as far as I know, water was being testing last Thursday (6th) so fingers crossed we hear soon.

Next problem is the weather! Swim will likely be colder (if it goes ahead) and likely to get wet on the bike. Any top tips for staying warm on the bike? I’m sure I read on here about the use of a rash vest underneath tri top for staying warm (and wet)…good idea?

Now confirmed via FB…swim is ON! :swimming_man::grinning:


I’m now doubtful due to a nasty sinus infection though the antibiotics are starting to kick in after emergency visit to the docs on Saturday. Pretty frustrating!
I was also wondering about bike and coldness, previous two Ironman races were in very hot conditions so this is a new challenge.

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Excellent news that swim is on, although I’m not the best swimmer, I wasn’t keen on a duathlon.

According to their FB post, water temp is currently 15C. Weather looking a little cool and windy for Sunday at the moment, but I’ll take that over the torrential rain we’ve had.

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I think it’s the wind on that bike course that can kill you. I believe it’s quite exposed and of course right on the coast.
Don’t mind rain, as long as it’s not biblical!

Sorry to hear about your illness…hopefully a dramatic recovery before the weekend will see you make the start line.

My last two IMs have been hot and dry, so not really geared up for wet and windy racing. I have my usual training gear but not it’s exactly aero and gets sweaty quite quickly. Will be taking overshoes and gloves at least!

We are camping Fri/Sat so probably start off soggy anyway :rofl:

EDIT: the wind direction looks good for a mild tail wind along the coast, but plenty of time for that to change!

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I’m not a keen swimmer either but now glad that my efforts in the pool/lake won’t be wasted.

15C wouldn’t be too bad, I’m guessing the heavy rain forecast between now and then might reduce it a bit though :cold_face:

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Cheers. I’m a weak swimmer and went 1.32 in Maastricht albeit non wetsuit. I’ve been going through 3.8k in around 1.20 in training though so that’s my target.
Not moved from my bed/chair since Thursday so I’ll be well rested if I do get there! Have Thursday as decision day when I’ll hopefully go out, jog, short spin and decide whether to travel up.

Was the swim for the full shortened to 2.5km in the end?

Lady from tri Preston put times up…
Full distance looking at the times…

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Tom Rigby Tri Preston win the half
4:24… tough course?!

The full is flat, believe it or not!
Goes out to the coast on the main A road first thing, so not busy.
Run is flat.
Swim was cold.

The half mustn’t be, he’s won a few races this year, 2:24 seems slow for him.

The full a pb course?

All done in 9:28 for 5th :grinning: (bike was 110 due to coastal erosion …and feckin windy by the coast)
Swim was pretty rough…but thought I was going well until I saw the time :joy:.
Time for beer!!

Yes for a pb course, Sam laidlow won in 8:21!! Unbelievable!


Fuckin-A :ok_hand:t4::+1:t3:
Good going.

Had a clubmate doing it…his Strava has the run at 39.52km…really?

Someone just said he is 21 years old…?!?

Not uploaded to Strava yet and fooked up the lap pressing so…no idea at the moment. Disappointing if it is…I did the last Cotswold 226 and that was very short :unamused:

Still take it as a sub 10 with 2 mile bike and a couple of km on the run

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