Yes, according to his website

Big future…?!

Bike appears to be only 1.78km short - which is really good.
You did a stonking good time :ok_hand:t4::+1:t3:

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It seems TC had a bike fall and ended up in hospital :astonished:. Hope he recovers soon!

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No way!!!
That must be his first ever accident…

…it looks pretty bloody bad :scream:

Sorry to hear about the accident, hope he’s ok. I heard a few people saying someone had gone done and the ambulance was on the scene.
Not sure whether to post this as I’m like a sloth compared to most on here but…after blowing up on the run in spectacular fashion I dragged myself around in 12.25. 11/40 in the 50-54 AG.
I had 110.9 on the bike and 40.1 on the run. Mind you the swim was long (and cold) and the wind was a bas***d so swings and roundabouts. It’s a great event and location, only issue for me is the open roads being quite difficult at times, it’s an added stress but then you get what you pay for. I had to dead stop about six times which is a pain.
Organisation and support is second to none, couldn’t fault it. Good weekend all in all.


Very welcome post regardless, but also I wouldn’t say 12:25 was sloth! Hearing nothing but good things about value of Lakesman

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Good job! Definitely wouldn’t describe that as sloth-like!

I agree with your sentiments about the swim and bike. Coming back into Keswick the traffic was stacked up which meant some waiting in queues. My other gripe was the bag storage and transition tent…bit too cramped. Fairly minor and would still highly recommend the event.

After 6pm the weather really turned for the worse and i saw the last finisher came in after 22:30 with marshals in support… that’s dedication!


In case anyone is tempted, entry for next year is open and entry is frozen at this year’s price until 21/06 (£300)

£300 :scream::scream::scream:

And this is one of the less expensive events?
First Outlaw was £195.
Forestman 2009 was £175.

With inflation, that’s about £232.
Where’s the other £68 come from???


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Hope TC is alright, any news?

Didn’t he fall of his bike a few winters ago and broke his pelvis or something, and still turned up at London Marathon!


To quote the Facebook post…he has a nasty head injury, had a CT scan and was clear of serious problems and has been told not to compete until full cardiology exam.

Medical team reported he was desperate to get back on his bike :grinning:

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See his comment that his face looks worse now than it does in the photos :scream::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Ah, I thought it was around £250, but still not many cheaper but options. This weekends inaugral Yorkshireman was around that I think when opened (£290 to enter now last minute), so interested to see how that goes. Freebird normally do good events.


I think there’s only about 80 entries for the Yorkshireman full, I’m doing the half, will be interesting to see if they run it again next year.

Think there’s about 500 for the half.


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500 left? Or entered?

Sorry, about 500 entered for 70.3 from the look at start list I saw.

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They did announce it quite late, I imagine lots of people had season plans already especially around now. Hope it goes well and they can try for a second year before judging if viable.

Lakesman half sold out for 2020 :neutral_face: knew I was pushing it waiting til after Bolton to decide

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Full or half ?
How many in the full?