LCB Race Team

On first glance, looks like a great opportunity, but is £900/month plus extra for the training camp and travel to Roth good value?

On the face of it ‘no’ but considering how much folks aren’t paying on race entries and hotels this year, I’m sure some will find the cost bearable, depending on expected outcomes.

Two things jump out. Is there a minimum commit at £900 p/m? What’s the difference between getting ‘stuff’ (Roka wetsuit, and TCB tri-suit) and getting ‘support’. (Oakley and Wahoo)?

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Our mortgage was less than that before we had the building work done! :rofl:

Some of the benefits are nebulous, as FP points out. If you wanted guarantee’d Roth entry (x3), you just had to donate €100 or something earlier this year. So, um, unless she can get a few CEOs on board, not sure how many will take this up at the moment, if at all.

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I wonder what the terms are typically for a pro
coaching type set up, eg if you are a pro coached by Matt Dixon, in comparison.

It’s a fair old salary if they get say 12-15 in the stable…

I think Matt Dixon & Joe Filliol were asking silly money pcm for their premium package; maybe ~$1500. You have to bear in mind this is all done over the phone/Internet too.

That’s a lot of bloody money.

I’m also not sure that a good athlete makes a good coach.


Mind boggling.
Her base £175 a month package gets you a qaurterly updated plan and 2 phone calls.

Agreed. She’s also got her own career as a huge distraction. Something the likes of Dave Scott or Mark Allen don’t have, for example.

I think I’d have very little in common with anyone who joins this, and I’m not sure I’d want to meet them either. :wink:


Wow, if they threw in some absoluteBlack lube I’d be in.


Reminds me of that ‘GR 100’ Gordon Ramsay thing that appeared and then disappeared very quickly.

Her husband is the coach. OK, he competes too, but not at the same level.

Usually means you have to return at the end of the contract, though I’m sure there will be ‘an option to purchase’

Although I’m pretty sure if you have the dough to even consider this package, you probably have a £1k home trainer already.

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Will they include special training on maximising the number of hashtagged motivational mantras and sponsors in every social media post?


I can imagine the conversation with my better half now. “You know that £1K/month we always have left burning a whole…”


I don’t think that would last long in my house before it was a different hole burning…

£900 per month? 11 months to Roth… Plus extras for Lanza/Roth travel.

That’s north of £10k/£11k over a 12 month period.

Wowzers. Not for me.

But Matt Bottrill is her bike coach isn’t he? And I doubt Reece has much influence over her swim speed.

I always thought Reece looked pretty handy. ( I thought he coached Lucy?)