Lights for aero cockpit

So turns out despite haivng enough lights to rival Blackpool illuminations - not much of my stuff is compatible with the CP10 cockpit on the Canyon.
Currently got 1 lezyne flasher on the underside of my Garmin mount…

Most of my stuff seems to have a curved mount to sit on a standard bar - so whilst I can fudge stuff on, there’s no option to actually direct the light where it should be.

What other options are out there for aero bars?

This is something I went through for a 400k Audax a couple of years ago. I ended-up making some heath robinson mount out of black plastic piping. It created a kind of T-bar on the integrated Garmin mount; so light one side & Garmin the other. I did buy a couple of Exposure long rubber mounts designed for aero handlebars, but never needed in the end…plus they don’t look like a sturdy long-term solution. Not sure I have any photos of it; will take a look.

One solution would be to mount it somehow on the underside of the Integrated mount, if it wasn’t too heavy. There’s not a lot of plastic on the mount to work with though.

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Oh I can fully load up the garmin mount with a Fabric Lumaray;

Seems to be quite a few options for “to be seen” lights… not so much for “see by”

Yeah I have a Lumaray; not any good for seeing your way around unlit rods!

Just read a review of the Lumaray and in the comments section a few people saying they lost their Garmin as a result of using one, with the connection between the light and Garmin breaking.

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That is generally from cheapskates who do not use official Garmin mounts and the Lumaray V1.
Yes, the connection used to be horrific, it is far better now.

If people are cycling and aren’t securing their cycle computer with the failsafe loop cord thing, then they have only themselves to blame :wink:

I rate the Lumaray, but not for seeing by.

@mw22 - seems to me like you need a new bike.

I have the same CP10 bars. I had the same thought the other day when I went out knowing I’d be coming back around sunset. I’d just bought my gf some cateye lights for her city runaround, and the attachment for that front light was ideal for an aero handlebar.

This is the one:

It’s not something you’d want to use down a dark street to see by, but it’s decent enough. Not sure if cateye do a more powerful light using the same attachment, as that is probably the key part to your question

Its the new bike that caused the issue :see_no_evil:

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I bought a couple of these; they work on any round light. Like I said, not that sturdy I shouldn’t think.

Ha ha ha - whoops!

Do you not have a dedicated winter bike?
Or is it one of those Canyon gravel bikes with the weird bars?

If you don’t have a winter bike, then it’s new bike time.

I ride my Canyon in winter; why have a good bike and not ride it? Discs make riding carbon wheels year-round possible :wink:

No I’ve got a winter bike with standard bars and thats fully loaded for the commute.

Canyon Ultimate with CP10 handlebars - so its just very flat where you’d normally mount the light. I’m just trying to take advantage of the dry roads for the commute. Whilst I won’t use the canyon much in full dark - I’d like to have some options should I choose to go out. I’d also like 2 lights on, cause I can’t see the one mounted under the garmin - so if it goes off, I may not notice.

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Group set saving.
I love my Ribble and class it as a good bike, so I get to ride a nice bike year round :blush:

I do want a Ti bike now…

Gotcha :+1:t3:
I’m not a massive fan of riding in the dark.

I guess I was spoiled in Derby, as we had a lovely 30km chaingang route that was fully lit all the way round, but it wasn’t urban and only had a few sets of lights.

Seems like here in Cheshire, it’s either pitch black, or properly urban :cry:

Replacing groupset parts is cheaper than keeping your cycle clothing wardrobe current! I bought a brand new R8000 rear mech for £55, over 2 years ago on ebay when it was new-out.

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Ah, but did I mention that I am petrified of internal cables?
I think I may have done so once or twice :wink:

I should really get around to changing that…

I haven’t look at electronic ‘upgrade’ kits, but they must be under £1k nowadays?

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Yup, I found a Di2 upgrade kit for my BMC for £860 (with the other part coming from a TT member, so not sure on that cost)…however…I then did Holme Moss with someone on Di2, who had his battery die on him and he had a LONG ASS cycle home in the little ring.

As I can barely remember to change my HR/PM batteries, even though the devices warn me weeks in advance, I’d be that guy stuck in the middle of nowhere on the granny ring.

So I got a set of really nice tubeless training wheels instead (Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST)

@Poet I’m Derby/Notts border - whilst Derby may have suitable lighting - its also got absolutely sh1te roads at the minute. Almost all of my regular routes are borderline dangerous… head Notts way and the difference in road maintenance is so different.

Anyway back on topic… current set up is this… soany light with a curved mount under it doesnt work. Tho there’s a support page on lezyne suggests there mounts do fit aero bars. So will have another dabble.

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Long Eaton?
You don’t need lights to get to Spondon/Ockbrook and back, then :wink:

Those Lezyne 500XLs are good, I have two of them, but I wouldn’t say you can “see by” them?
They are more of a “be seen” light.

Do you have any rubber mounts from a can of Vittoria PitStop?
You can cut off one side of that, then rest the light in the middle bit (where the can/frame is suppose to go) and then use the velcro to secure it.