Lockdown 2: The Preperationing

We got 56 toilet rolls delivered the other day from Amazon, I can confidently crap for a week, maybe two before it gets dicey.

These guys have got some smith machines and powercages coming available Friday 2pm if anyone is after something “strength”:

I see that treadmills are once again hard to find.

Anyone else got ‘sources’ of likely-to-be-hard-to-get-in-lockdown kit?


What training equipment do you have?

I’ve got the turbo sorted but if we ever did go in to another lockdown, I’d ideally want a treadmill for those cold morning runs :stuck_out_tongue:. Never used Zwift for running so i’d be giving that a go for sure! :running_man:t4:

Treadmills are a marmite experience.

Some love them and use them a lot.
Others will say they actively degrade good running form.

I’m a shit runner so can’t comment!

I have one and find I can’t get anywhere near my usual outside pace on a treadmill (or at least sustain it). I much prefer running outside (when my mojo allows).

But if you do get one, I found zwift running pretty good. They have various interval sessions. You use a foot pod [c £50) or some weird thing that sits on your treadmill and measures belt speed to track the pace but the price of a decent treadmill is by far the biggest barrier. Can’t speak for others but I have a 5 year old sole fitness f85 still going very strong (although I’m guessing I’m not the most demanding of customers!).

Good luck and happy miles if you do decide to take the plunge!

(Although I can confidently add if you buy some winter kit the early morning dark winter runs are the best…no one about, 100% meditative experiences…I remember listening to “the sound of silence” cover by disturbed in the dead of night with the only light being from my head torch…magical…beats a treadmill any day!).


56 loo rolls only lasts a week!?

How much Weetabix are you getting through?

God help your poor drainage system.


I’m a shit runner…

Fact or opinion?

I love treadmills !


I’d only get one if we were to be told we aren’t too leave the house/ all to self-isolate. I work in a school and half of the staff have just self-isolated (no trips outdoor, whatsoever). They said it was awful as they couldn’t go anywhere

If we are still allowed our ‘daily’ exercise then I’ll definitely be outdoors. I love the feeling of plodding along to start my day off and the roads during lockdown were so peaceful!

I think for the price, I’d be better signing up to a local gym and using their treadmills (in the future obviously).


@Mungo2 I am a shit runner, period, no debate.

I see your dilemma @Ac2709 but even the full lockdown let you go out to run. And it will not be the same this time; some lessons have been learned. Surely.


Your a big guy …?!

Your comparing your run speed to 70 kg guys like me and young super fast over achieving age groupers on here.

I’m starting to get into rowing, I’ll never be any good at it… but I enjoy it…

Not many fast 95 kg runners … unless your 8ft tall… as long as you enjoy it… what does it matter


Heh heh, try being 120kg. The ground shakes. But of course you are right.

Interestingly though, I saw your concept 2 times and was amazed. I used to own a c2 and was quite happy pulling 10k in 1 hour twice a week. I never ever thought some weirdos would turn it into a speed event! :wink:

That. Is. Pain.



During LD1, no gyms, no pool, no treadmills or bikes available, no weightlifting kit available…

Bikes are still hard to come by.

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I like treadmills.
But love running outside more.

Treadmills are awesome for getting fast and doing proper speedwork (just remember the kmh to min/km conversion)

Outdoors is good for the soul and mind.

I never get that feeling on a bike.

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Big plans this winter … if the place doesn’t get shut down … again!

See how we go

I’m entering you for the 120 kg 5 k world champs… not too many entrants … but your hot favourite.

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I’ve still got the Wattbike so that & Zwift will do if I stop cycling outdoors.

Not a fan of treadmills and do any running outdoors usually.

Swimming, meh, unless Portugal gets removed soon I won’t need to do that for some time.


Back in lockdown 1.0 I bought my kit from MiraFit and AgainFaster. They seemed to hold on to stock longer than most, although delivery times were long.

I want to get the cable attachment for my power cage, might have to order that soon.

Dont buy a Smith machine. Hateful things and a one way ticket to a bad back.

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120kg 5k championship? Where do I sign up?

I would kill that shit


Just looking for a reinforced track at the min !

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6 new bikes have come into this house since April!


Though let’s not be getting ideas that 120kg is ok!!!

Aka “I’m happy and I’m fat” Oprah stories about learning to be ok with dying early and taking too long to climb stairs.


I demand a fatty 5k at 100kg. (Ok. I’ll compromise on 110kg, heh heh).

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It’s better than the 132 kg I started the year at.


Hoarder! Get ‘im!

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