Long Trail Socks

My go to sock is the Hilly Ultra Mono, I never seem to get blisters with them. However, they’re short.

I’m looking for a knee length trail sock that isn’t compression (or at least not mega compression) for winter. I like wearing shorts but a bit of warmth would be good but mostly want the length for bramble and nettle protection.

All I can find is ‘crew length’. I’ve never tried Injinji but they only seem to do compression in over the calf length.

Any suggestions?

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If this is for the Arc I would personally go for leggings and whatever socks you usually use

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Thanks mate. I am considering this. I don’t mind running in leggings when packing light but I find leggings plus pack, poles, jacket etc all a bit of a hassle but it’s probably a case of getting used to it more.

For UTMB they were part of the compulsory kit so basically just wore mine all the way - easier than cramming into a backpack

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Good point, we need w/p leggings, coat, w/p gloves and liners plus other gloves and a spare long sleeved layer as well, so the pack could get bulky.

I can’t help much on you main question as I moved to knee length compression socks some years before I stopped running (I found them best for preventing blisters). I still use them for hiking now.

On Injinji, I tried two different pairs to prevent occasional toe rubbing. I found them a strange experience, they certainly did nothing for me in running terms and were somewhat uncomfortable so never got used in any serious events.

There is always the option of your favoured socks with calf guards? Although that infringes your compression maybe go one or two sizes larger to reduce the effect??

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That’s a good shout, thanks Cobbie. I’m not against calf guards and my regular socks. (I’ve never used guards).

The reason I was against the compression was the difficulty in getting them on and off, especially when cold and tired. Obviously the calf guards could stay on.

I’m also thinking I already know the socks that work for me, so am a bit loathe to change but I’m willing to try, just to see if a different sock helps with my tender feet?

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I have always said that socks are an under-rated item of kit. I tried all sorts over the years, most were pretty poor.
The good thing about becoming a cyclist is the problem goes away - I just order multi-coloured socks that make me happy to look at them :slight_smile:

I reckon I have enough knee length Asics compression socks to keep me going for a fair few years of hiking so don’t have to worry.

I would stick with socks that work and try calf guards. Maybe look around to see if there are different levels of compression from different brands? The 2XU ones I had (maybe still have actually) were very tight compared to the Asics socks so there was definitely variability a few years ago

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Good to know, cheers. I have a couple of recces coming up, so will test some stuff out.

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You mentioned in your first post that you were looking for something to protect against nettles and brambles. What about some orienteering gaitors, then you can stick with your normal tried and tested socks. Found these: decathlon again :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Anna, they look a bit bulky for running?

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along with a good fitting pair of goggles…

top of my list every time…

I’ve been trying the Bridgedales Lightweight Trail as there is is much hype on that brand. I didn’t find them any better than the Hilly Mono Skins I use and marginally hotter.

I was watching a sportwalking channel last night and the guy swore by double socking with a very thin Thorlo base sock and another over the top.
I’ve tried Hilly TwinSkin and hated every second in them.

I’ve always run in Bridgedales. But what’s always helped me is a good dose of talc in the socks. Silky smooth. Does anyone else use talc?

I’ve read about talk before but part of me thinks it would turn to paste and cause irritation? I slather my feet in Vaso but you need good technique to get your socks on after without getting it all over your hands (or the carpet :smile: )

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I find I only need vaseline around my toes when running any distance so I turn my socks inside out & rub the toebox in my tub of vaseline before turning them the right way out.


Do you have any pictures/video content? I’m sure the TT massive would hugely appreciate it! :rofl:


That’s a good idea! I put it between my toes, heel, sole and the top of my foot. I use either a nitrile glove or some kitchen roll. I only do it for marathon plus distances or sessions over 4hrs.


All, talk to me about calf sleeves.

I have chronically tight calves and had several soleus tears over the years.

Will calf sleeves help reduce tension during or post run?

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For £30 they’re worth a go. I definitely think they help me with soreness and a bit of support if nothing else. Use them for almost anything over 10k

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