Does anyone use the marketplace here to buy and sell items. Does not look like it’s very active.

Didn’t even know there was a marketplace!

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I bought some stuff on the old forum from other members. I’ve sold my disc recently, but just stuck that on my club fb page. It’s a lot easier having a critical mass of people on my doorstep who can just come and pick something like that up.

That said, I would generally put a fair bit of trust in anyone listing anything on here, as it’s quite a “known community”. I’d have a lot of faith the kit was in good condition, or as listed. I certainly don’t have that confidence on facebook marketplace.


As someone who’s still really starting out I’m always on the look out for second hand gear. Usually bike parts.

I really need to list some bits. Finding lots of stuff when packing for my move. Some are just giveaways or for the bin (old flat pedals, reflectors, etc) but others are stuff I need to list up and try and sell.

Various bits of clothing, the original perfectly good di2 battery I replaced with the Bluetooth one, etc.

I also found I had about half a dozen lightly used GP4000 clincher tyres, after I switched some wheelsets to GP5000 :see_no_evil:

I’ve had several good experiences with folks on here and one disappointing one but nothing on the Koalafish scale.

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Any rear wheels for sale? Got a Hed Jet 6 front so could do with similar for the back. Jet 6 or 9. Alloy braking surface is fine. Or alternatively, anything non Hed but similar depth.