Massage guns

Let’s hear the good, bad and ugly.

Useful? snake oil?

I never seem to be able to get my foam rolling right and am keen to get a proper routine going in addition to strength work, especially after last week’s DNF.

I have a super-cheap one; £35 or so bought a gun, charger and a few attachments.

I like it, I take my time with it in front of the TV, I find it useful on my tight as buggery Hip flexors.

I don’t regret not having spent more.

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Wife bought a Thera Gun mini on advice from her physio.

She swears by it, alongside her yoga. She’s got major neck issues that will be with her for life.

I’ve used it a few times in my legs and dodgy shoulder. Seems pretty good.

Thanks. From what I can tell the Thera Gun is about £300?

I was looking at the Sportneer Elite or the Everyfun M3. (both just over £100)

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Mate has a Myo; he really rates it. Although being an ex-pro rugby player I think he got it for free via contacts. My wife suggested getting me one for Father’s Day, but tbh £200 is a bit steep for that, and I warned her I’d be constantly asking her to do my back and shoulders!

Mrs FP suffers cramp in her calf muscles now and then, so I’d think we’d get good use but not sure about £200 worth.

Having said that, my physio is £46 for 30min, and he’s a bit hit and miss, so if I could save 2-3 visits per year, probably will pay for itself.

Cheap ones will be more vibrating guns - which don’t really do much
Expensive ones will be the percussive ones

I picked up a Recoverpro and can sit watching TV whilst pummeling my legs.

It does “feel” better after and is less hassle than being on the floor with a foam roller

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Yeah I was watching some reviews last night and seems like the pummel range can be anywhere between 8mm and 14mm depending on price. I think the Sportneer is 11mm

I like mine. I don’t use it as much as i should, but i was even worse at foam rolling. Mrs GB likes using it as well for her muscles and her ‘cellulite’ (she doesn’t have anything wrong with her legs, but such is a lady’s prerogative). The girls find it fun making their bellies shake (on the lowest setting) as well.

I got one from Amazon on a deal that had good reviews etc. But i think it was @Doonhamer that got the same one, that broke immediately so sent it back. Mine is an Addsfit one. think it’s about £150 normally.

Speaking of which, my calves are a tad tight, so i’ll get it out in a min for a little once over whilst listening to a conference call.


Put it on your throat and speak at the same time :grin:

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My wife is a speech and language therapist. She’s always coming home with new contraptions to test out! LIke those things people use to talk after a laryngectomy. :rofl:

+1 for this.

Good for legs, hips, glutes. The rest definitely needs others to hold the gun in the right position to benefit.

I’ve got a recovapro. And I think it works well. Slight concern with battery life after 1 year of use but it may be the way I’ve been using it lately.

Yep, and further to what @jorgan said.

Mrs GB never quite so forthcoming when i ask her to help out with neck and back. Weirdly she’s ok with asking me to do it though! :rofl:

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Same in this house :roll_eyes:


We are procurement professionals and have superior negotiation skills, apparently! :laughing:

I’m like a chef that doesn’t want to bring his work home so refuses to cook.


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You’re doing Govt contracts now, so I FTFY.


Glacial, is the term that comes to mind, but we are now the gold standard in getting things done quickly because of ‘the virus’!

Disagree, the one I have definitely has a throw of around 1 cm

One of the things being an osteopath taught me was that what people think makes them better is seemingly more important than what actually does (based on data, etc.). So if you think it will help it probably will, whether percussive or 'only vibrating.

@LordFlasheart how the devil do you use it on your hip flexors? The main muscles that do that attach on the front of you spine and back of the inside of the pelvis.

Not aimed at anyone but find the obsession with tight hip flexors in the tri and running world mildly amusing.