MCL and Menuscus recovery

6 weeks on from an injury acquired in the garden during a water fight with my daughter in which I slipped and twisted my knee, I’m just starting to worry.
Physio said that the MCL is solid, and definitely no Cruciate damage. :+1:
However, gently run/walk has caused pain and he thinks I may have some Meniscus ( Cartilage) damage. :-1:
I’m hoping to get an MRI referral from him.
Given there’s no rush, I’m just hoping others have recovered from similar injury and can advise on their recovery plan or even just give a bit of positivity.

I have had medial meniscus repairs to both knees…it takes a little while and a bit of S&C but it far from the worst of injuries…

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Do you mean a surgical repair I assume?


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I had a very painful knee which got progressively worse. Sometimes I could hardly walk, unclipping reqd a lot of thought & the idea of kicking a football with the inside of my foot filled me with terror.

I went along to my physio - who is a bit of god hereabouts - he saw me a couple of times & then said “Nah mate you’ll need an op.”…I was gutted.

I don’t have private cover but to speed things up I paid for an initial consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon. He took my money - to pay for stabling his daughters horse for a week or two - & said “You’ll need an MRI mate.” He booked me in, this time on the NHS.

The MRI came around quickly & it turned out I had Parrot Beak Tear of my medial meniscus & I would need an op.

I waited 2yrs for this op & over that time my mobility & strength returned so much that I’ve been taken off the list & I’m as good as a 51yr old can be, doing centuries & fell runs for fun.

I know that I will still have the tear as sadly these things don’t repair themselves but while I’m pain free & able to do anything I want I’m not rushing to go under the knife. Why would I?

Just thought this might cheer you up.

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I’v also had a meniscectomy on my right knee after tearing it in a MTB crash. all done via keyhole surgery under general anaesthetic and takes about 20 mins. your MRI will indicate what needs to be done but it’s a very common procedure and nothing to worry about.

recovery takes about 6 weeks with minimal exercise of the knee area, and then a progressive buildup from there. I was running again within 12 weeks and fully back to normal within 6 months - but bearing in mind I was in my late 50s when I had it done, so recovery for us old farts does take longer.

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Cheers for that guys!
I just have to be patient. Given that pools and open water swimming are back on the agenda, I can distract myself with that for a month or so and see how things pan out.

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Phoned my company health scheme. Had a virtual GP video call and got a orthopaedic consult booked. GP said that will be followed my an MRI. :crossed_fingers: