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It has not struck any of my nerves, i am simply pointing out the extrapolation from one voice to a vast outcome completely beyond the realm of that individual.

This is a dangerous game for any newspaper or news reporter to play…but they are reliant on the public not critically reflecting on what they have heard/read. On here, we have the chance to be critical.

The post also conflicted against your stated desire to talk the conflict down and help defuse the situation - an approach i approve of. However, hyperbole simply does not help the situation and I don’t think it wise for anyone who one the one hand wants to reduce the conflict but on the other is talking it up.

In this exchange, I don’t really care what other papers are reporting*, I wish they wouldn’t, but that wasn’t my objection. i repeat again, that i objected to the extrapolation. Nothing more.

That said, referring to it as genocide does bother me. But I repeat again, it was the extrapolation not the post hoc justification that i objected to. However, now you have brought the topic up, it is usual for it to happen before they bring out the G word but sadly in the case of Rwanda, they tried not to bring out the word at all. You can thank the UN for that.

You are correct. This could well lead to global conflict. But that wasn’t what the discussion was about.

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Maybe as I noted in the final sentence of my post above, there is the recognition that to talk down and reduce the risk of global war, it has to be confronted now, before Israel go in. Especially since there is some global support to flatten Giza (one US Senator iirc as an example from todays news, even though the White House have been de escalating its rhetoric).

I reckon that, at most, we are three steps away from global war here, but I am hopeful that wisdom will shine through and it will remain a regional issue.

I will admit that I was surprised to read the G word being used, but if you look at the situation impartially then it is easy to see where they are coming from.

Writing about it now, in advance, I suspect that the hope is that thoughtful reflection will happen in time before there are calls for war crimes (a term that has already been used in the press) tribunals are demanded.

Sometimes friends, to be true friends, have to say things that people don’t want to hear, to help them make wiser decisions.

From BBC live reporting just now: “ Hamas’s military wing says it has fired a “barrage of rockets” at Jerusalem”.

Please, please, do not hit Temple Mount.

Remember how after Princess Diana’s death there was an outflow of love globally.

If Temple Mount is seriously hit/destroyed, then a similar global outflow of energy is likely to be released. But it won’t be love. Religion against religion globally is a very real risk. And that’s before you consider Israel’s response.

Spooks get spooking, diplomats get diploming.

My heart is by my feet given that my worst fear here, expressed here in recent days, is now happening - rockets aimed at Jerusalem.

Not Ages?

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I like the fact that Putin is warning Israel against attacks on civilians


Yes ages…

yes, i saw/heard. How can anyone keep a straight face???

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The last Jack Carr novel has echoes of this, Russia and Ukraine and then Russia’s plans to stretch the US by provoking Israel to start a war in the ME by false flagging Iran for an attack. Meanwhile China invades Taiwan whilst everyone is looking the other way and the US is unable to support 3 global campaigns


Israel could flatten gaza now…in a relatively few short minutes…and could have done so at any time. The fact that they have not flattened the place already is because:

a. there are hostages - although i don’t hold out too much hope for them. They are more valuable alive, but i am not sure such wisdom penetrates too deeply amongst Hamas.

b. Of all people, the Israelis do not not need to be warned of the risks…especially by those many people who really have not taken any time to appreciate what they face “everyday” which is the very definition of terrorism

c. the longer they leave it, the more likely that the press and associated fools will build up the rhetoric, thus allowing them to barter for an even bigger US handout for not doing what everyone is expecting them to do…

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Ejc, this post of mine is pure speculation.

Given that the press are now speculating on North Korean training for the paragliders (apparently a key NK troop skill), as well as the sources for all the munitions, I do wonder if……

…if, as a quid pro quo, any IDF hostages have been secreted out using the routes the munitions came in? I hope not, obviously.

Also can I ask you ejc why you in your post aren’t sure that Hamas has such wisdom? They have been destroyed 3 or 4 times before and recovered, and this time pulled the wool over the eyes of Shin Bet (and presumably US intelligence).

I will admit I am surprised that the IDF haven’t gone in yet.

I would love to be a fly on the wall of the starred meetings of the WEF in 3 months time. Those could be interesting discussions.

Starred meetings, anyone who attends WEF please correct me, but some attendees have stars on the ID’s that gains them access to closed meetings. Even some Prime Ministers don’t get stars.


Because they are very unlikely to live for very long…

that the ‘brains’ behind the group, such as they are, are safe in Qatar…

that there really isn’t any virtuousness in putting your population up as sacrificial lambs…

that here is no evidence for a better life after this…

various reasons i guess…

because the world won’t allow them to win this war and in the face of public opinion, they will never win apart from another big cash handout…

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I would be very surprised if anyone here attended :sweat_smile:


Journalists maybe?

Not allowed on here. :grin:


Didn’t the current foreign secretary used to post on TT1.0?


JC, did he?!

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Yeah, I think so. We had a lot of Tri newbies at the time.

Under his real name too :man_shrugging:


Mind you, that was 20 years ago now?

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